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Last Oasis Server Manager

Official Last Oasis Server Manager 1.0

No permission to download


Tool Features:
  • Includes "Auto-Restart" if the server goes offline it will automatically detect it and reboot it.
  • Includes "Automatic Server Updates" when Last Oasis releases new server-side updates.
  • Includes "One Click" installation for dedicated server files.
  • Includes "One Click" start/force stop/force reboot buttons for easy access.
  • Includes a ".bat" file generator to generator your .bat files.
  • Includes a "Customer Key" and "Provider Key" generator to allow easier access to editing the launch .bat files.
  • Includes "steamCMD" built in-game for the more advanced user controls.
  • Includes "Dark/Light" themes you can select from.
  • 100% FREE and OPEN SOURCE for everyone to modify and add their own custom features.
Q: Why does it require a steam login?
A: The steam login is something the dev team at Last Oasis requires in order to download the steam_db dedicated server files via steamCMD. We have plans on removing this login feature the very second the dev team at Last Oasis removes the restriction.

Q: Is this free and open source?
A: Yes you can view the full raw source code located on our "
Github" page.

Q: How do I install this?
A: You drag and drop it into your server folder. Then run the .exe program and follow the instructions listed on the program to set up your gaming servers for Last Oasis.
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