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Free Kals CrossChat with Discord & Tribes 4.6

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there are some minor bugs but good plugin thank you

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Amazing system, Kal is a genius. Very easy to get help when you screw up. Be sure to join his discord for support!
Excellent developer, responsive and on top of any bug fixes. This is the perfect cross server chat bot for ARK. It also includes a whole host of other features to make your Discord/ARK experience great.
Does an excellent job of providing cross server chat without using ugly rcon broadcasts. The dev/mods are incredibly supportive with bugs/issues.
Amazing plugin once you get it all set up and configured. Kal is great with helping anyone out that has issues. Make sure to join his discord.
The cross chat api and discord bot functions have been indispensable for my player base and administrative team. I wouldn't run another cluster without it.
This is a must have.
Discord link and cross map with more features in the bot than what the plugin describes. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy.
Best crosschat ever seen. Highly customizable, easy to use. With bot for discord which makes adminlife easier
No doubt best cross chat plugin out there running it on 2 clusters currently and fully integrated in to our discord, must have !
Got 3 clusters using this. Lots of settings, works well...
Good/fast support!!! Active discord... Been using for a long time...
One of the best cross chat Plug-ins available, great support from Kal !
The discord integration is awesome and updated to work around changes to they way the discord API keeps changing.
I have been using this plugin for more than a year and I can say that whether you have a small cluster or a large one it is a highly recommended plugin. Its bot and the functions offered by the plugin make it very complete.
Great plugin, under active development, well worth the $ for a license! The RCON function and discord to server control buttons are a huge time saver and add great flexibility for admins,