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**Items+ v2.05**
(Server API 3.51+ Required)
**Items+ will require being installed/updated with a server/map restart from now on**

Added options:
    "UploadSpeed": 20, //How many items are uploaded at once (recommend 20 max depending on mysql speed)
    "DownloadSpeed": 20, //How many items are downloaded at once (recommend 20 max depending on mysql speed)
Note: Changing these values lower can help with slower servers.

Fixed issue with the `StartUpItemCheck` setting which enforced item caps etc, this would cause platform saddles to be cleared of structures when update was called.
Changes to Upload/Download Immunity to prevent glitching the system to allow running around Immune.
Fixed Download Immunity issue not removing all immunity changes requiring a player to relog.
Updated some descriptions in the commented_config.json
Fixed an issue with Pet Saver feature when using SoulTraps that would un-neuter pets.
Added the ability to have webhooks per map now. If you do not use the normal `Webhook` you need to create a map specific entry for each map you run. Genesis is the example I setup.
    "Webhook": "", //discord channel webhook
    "WebhookGenesis": "", //If "Webhook" is blank it will attempt to find a setting like this that ends with the map name.
Added new TekBP option:
> "ForceTekLimitsOnAll": false, //true will force limits onto Tek items that normally do not have craft limits //false will only update craft limits if the item already had a limit by default
> Setting to `true` will force the configured craft limit on all Tek BPs and show the craft limit twice on Tek BPs that normally have limits.
> Setting to `false` will show vanilla behavior (current behavior in v2.04)
Added new features Map Specific upload/download restrictions with new messages `NotValidUpload` and `NotValidHere`
    "PreventUploading": { //Prvent items from being uploaded to the Items+ database or transfering per map.
      "Ragnarok": [ //Actual map name from the command line
        //Full item blueprint path goes here
    "PreventDownloading": { //Prvent items from downloading from the Items+ database per map.
      "Ragnarok": [ //Actual map name from the command line
        //Full item blueprint path goes here
Updated discord logging to include additional maps Fjordur and Lost Island.
Updated StartUpItemCheck to apply craft limits to items that are missing them but should have them.
Minor adjustments to the Prevent Upload/Download system.
Added system to allow setting custom map names via the command line.
> -serverkey=YourCustomMapIdentifier
> This is useful if you run duplicate maps
> Can be used in WebhookPrefix, PreventDownload, PreventUpload
"WebhookPrefix": {
        "Ragnarok": "Ragnarok",
        "YourCustomMapIdentifier": "Ragnarok 2",
Reworking Ascension uploading to fix edge cases that could lead to inventory loss.
> Items that are not allowed to upload will be dropped/destroyed like the Vanilla Ascension process
> All other allowed items will upload as normal
Other various tweaks and code improvements.

**(config change to General, DiscordLogging and ItemUploadsAndOverflowProtection)**
Items+ v2.03
(Server API 3.51+ Required)

Updated some config loading code to prevent errors.
Missing messaging should output an error to the API log.
Changed how messages are loaded from the config.json to prevent crashing.
Updated some auth related code.
Updated Soul Trap code to match current mod data requirements.
Updated Pet Saver feature to keep shoulder pet buffs if they are modded dinos.
Updated Item Stat Caps for all items not just crafted. They should be 100% accurate now after crafting the item or spawning them.
Fixed startup crash when MySQL was disabled in the config.
Added new option:
"StartUpItemCheck": false, //During server boot verify/update all item stat caps and remove any blocked items found
This will scan every structure, player and dino inventory (including equipped items) on the map only on server restarts.
Cleaned up craft limits (Tek Items will not show double limits anymore)
Opening a transmitter should no longer spam the console with WC debug messages if carrying vanilla cryopods.
Updated weight system (should be faster and more reliable)
If using weight reduction reboots are required to update the plugin or change weight reduction values or some items may get bugged weight values
Removed the old permission based ARK Data code that would cause UI Timeouts.
Overhaul of the upload system to prevent server lagging when players are uploading 300 slots of items.
Players are immune to damage, invisible to AI and unable to move after clicking "Join with Survivor".
Added new message
    "DelayedTransfer": {
      "Message": "|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\nV\nPlease wait while you are being uploaded this may take a few moments.",
      "Scale": 1.0,
      "DisplayTime": 25.0,
      "Color": "Red"
Added new messaging when using the /upload command versus the transfer server messaging.
Updated upload notification to prevent double messages.
   "UploadingItems": {
      "Message": "Please wait while your items are being uploaded this may take a few moments.",
      "Scale": 1.0,
      "DisplayTime": 1.1,
      "Color": "Red"
Items+ Companion Mod Support (optional)
The mod adds the ability to transfer without the need to use the /upload command. Add the mod id to the end of your mod list.
Adds the ability for the mod to reflect weight changes on items in game now.

Reminder: If using weight reduction you need to restart to update the plugin properly or some item weight values may end up being lighter than you intended.

(removed Permissions section and BlockAllItemUploads from General section)
(config change to General, Messages sections)
Download system updated to handle full inventory downloads. Any items that fail to download to the player will be still in the upload list.
Added new upload setting.
"UploadAll": false, //true will upload all items (except equipped armor currently) //false will upload only what is needed to transfer properly
"TransferSpawnImmunity": false, //true - After server transfer and during the download delay time player cannot move and cannot be damaged //false - can move and be damaged immediately
"SkipSpoilingItems": true, //true will ignore items that spoil when uploading //false will also upload items that spoil
"NotifyPlayerItemsLeft": true, //true will send a message shortly after downloading items if there are items left in upload still //false will not send a notification

New Immunity message
"Immunity": {
"Message": "You will be unable to move or be damaged while this message is visible.",
"Scale": 1.5,
"DisplayTime": 5.0, //DisplayTime should match or be 1 second shorter than the DownloadDelay setting
"Color": "MandarianOrange"
"ItemsDownloaded": {
"Message": "All valid items will be downloaded to your character shortly.",
"Scale": 1.5,
"DisplayTime": 8.0,
"Color": "Green"
"MoreItemsToDownload": {
"Message": "You have {} item(s) in upload that could not be added to your inventory.\nRetrieve them using the /download command after making inventory room!",
"Scale": 1.0,
"DisplayTime": 10.0,
"Color": "Red"

Downloaded items will be temporarily stored until the player uploads new items or transfers servers.
Additional optimizations made.
Added ArmorCap to the commented_config
Added ShoulderPetSaver feature to ItemUploadsAndOverflowProtection:
"ShoulderPetSaver": { //will place your shoulder pet in a temporary cryopod and place in your inventory upon transferring servers
"Enabled": true, //enables feature
"TransferInventoryAlso": true, //true - will also save their inventory //false - will drop a bag on the ground
"UseSoulTraps": false //false - creates 1 time use cryopod //true - creates 1 time use Dino Storage v2 SoulTrap

Messaging only works with DSv2 SoulTraps...
"PetSaver": {
"Message": "Lost and Found"
"PetSaverDescription": {
"Message": "You almost left this behind!"

Fixed Spoiling issues
Fixed Cryo XP bug
Fixed Cyro Durability bug
Added new ItemUploadsAndOverflowProtection config section
"IgnoredItems": [ //Items on this list will be ignored from being uploaded to prevent bugs or crashes

Filled Fish Baskets must be on this list as they cause server crashes.

Added new RCON command
ItemsPlus.Reset <steamid> - This will reset item uploads for the player allowing them to download them again to assist with crash rollbacks.
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