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First time purchasing one of my plugins?
Join my discord and click the thumbs up to get the "Member" role.
Open a private message with @LethalBot and use the command
/create to generate an account then make your purchase.
You may also try linking your discord account directly to GSH as an alternative.

After Purchase
On discord type /info after to get instructions after purchasing.
If you linked your account properly my license bot will usually message you within 2 minutes of purchase.

License activation is automatic and is handled through discord using my license bot (LethalBot)

The default config is an example and should be updated to match what you want to do with the plugin.
Please read the commented_config to see all options and examples along with descriptions of all the settings.
Items+ will require being installed/updated with a server/map restart from now on v2.05+

Items+ Companion Mod (optional)

  • Allows client item weight changes to reflect on the items
  • Players can transfer without needing to use "/upload"
  • Full DC protection (Buffer Overflow) that works (videos on my discord)
    • MySQL/MariaDB required for this feature
  • Crafting Skill stat capping mechanics (Crafting Skill does not bypass this limit)
  • Upload normally restricted items like Element, Shards, Trophies and Tribute Items (configurable)
    • MySQL/MariaDB requiredfor this feature
  • Shoulder Pet Saver will place your shoulder pet in a temporary Cryopod/SoulTrap
    • Your pet will travel with you instead of just sitting on the ground when transferring servers
    • MySQL/MariaDB requiredfor this feature
  • Transfer Spawn Immunity Option - After server transfer and during the download delay time player cannot move and cannot be damaged
  • Notify Players if they have items left in the upload system.
  • Reduce default item weight and/or individual item weight by a percentage:
    • Item weight will only show changed if using the Companion Mod otherwise the weight on your character/dino weight stat will reflect the adjusted weight only
  • Set Blueprints to have limited uses that destroys the BP when the last use is used:
    • General Craft Limit - Applies to very BP
    • Craft Limit by Quality of the BP
  • Change Tek Craft Limits to be higher/lower
  • Block Items, Engrams or Blueprints from being visible or used by players in inventory or crafting benches.
  • You can now block that pesky MiniHLNA skin for example or any other item in the game.
    • Armor and Weapon Durability options to reduce the speed at which durability is removed
    • Armor, Weapon Damage, Durability can be increased by a percentage for Armor, Weapons or Saddles if they use that particular stat
    • Armor, Weapon Damage, Durability can be capped globally or by item
  • Death Saver
    • Save player items when they die and automatically return them when they respawn.
    • Items are not uploaded to the database and the player must respawn after dying to get their items.
    • Ability to save all items in the players inventory along with Equipped Armor and Hotbar items
    • Ability to save armor equipped on the player
    • Ability to save items from the Hotbar slots
    • Ability to allow the feature to only work if a player has a permission.
    • Players without this permission will need to retrieve their items the normal way.
  • ARK Data / Upload Permissions
    • Prevent items being uploaded to ARK Data and block player transfers when holding the ite
    • Permission system added to allow two different bypasses on this featu
    • First allows bypassing specific items you specify
    • Second allows bypassing all restrictions (works like the Admin permission without giving out Admin)
Upload System/Buffer Overflow Protection
When you open a tribute inventory (obelisk/transmitter/etc) You will get a message if carrying items that are not allowed to be transferred and instruct you to use the /upload command. This command will upload all items matching the list by default is non-transferable item (element, apex etc). The /upload command is active for 60 seconds after opening the tribute inventory. This is a measure to prevent abuse and uploading all over the map at will.

Once you complete the transfer to a new server the items will automatically be added back to your inventory.


  • Upload items before transferring servers for any normally non-transferable item. (Element/Artifacts/Etc)
  • Automatic Overflow Protection when transferring servers (Outgoing reliable buffer overflow fixed)
  • Ability to expire uploaded items after X minutes (0 disables this feature)
  • Ability to control how long the upload command will be active (in seconds)
  • Crash Dupe Protection for uploaded items.
  • Items uploaded must be downloaded from a different server than where they were uploaded from.
Chat Commands:
  • /upload (Will upload normally non-transferable items that are configured in the "Items" list)

RCON/Console Reload Command:
  • ItemsPlus.Reload - This allows you to make config.json changes and load in the changes you made without restarting the server.
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