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re-issuing download with missing files included
Finally discovered and fixed the issue with some of the collectors/distributors not loading again after restart

no config file changes
What new in versio 1.10:

- Added RangeBubbleTrigger this is the trigger for showing the range bubble for collector commands for example /collectpooptest with show the poop collector range bubble for 10 seconds
- Fix issue with oil, poly and paste collection not working all the time
What's new in version 1.09:
  • Fixed issue with oil collectors not collecting.
  • no config changes
What's new in version 1.08:
  • Fixed new issue of collectors not reloading after map restart. (oops)
    no config changes
What's new in version 1.07:
  • Fixed stack issue with Organic Polymer collector when converting to regular polymer ("ConvertOrganic": true)
no config changes
What's new in Version 1.06:

  • Fixed Collectors from being disabled in the 1.05 update.
no config changes
What's new in version 1.05:
  • Added Oil Collectors
  • Added Paste Collectors
  • Added Pearl Collectors
  • Added Polymer Collectors
  • Added Description fields
config file has changed!
What's new in version 1.04:
  • Fixed Gacha crystals from being empty after collected.
  • Fixed fertilized eggs not remembering their parents
no config changes
What's new in version 1.03
  • Added collecting Gacha Crystals
config file has changed
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