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Improved Commands

Free Improved Commands 2.03

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Adds additional commands to ARK Survival Evolved servers using ARK Server API.

  • /MyDinoStats: Prints the base levels, and optionally base stats, of an owned and tamed dino in-front of the player.
  • /DestroyMyDino: Deletes the owned and tamed dino in-front of the player from the ARK.
  • /Suicide: Kill your own character (to get unstuck etc.)

Rcon and Console
  • DinoId Get the dino IDs for the targeted dino (console only).
    Example: DinoId

  • DoRespec <steam id>: Force respec (mindwipe) of a character.
    Example: DoRespec 12345678912345678

  • DoRespecDino [<dino_id1> <dino_id2>]: Force respec of a tamed dino.
    • DoRespecDino 123456789 123456789: Respec the given tamed dino.
    • DoRespecDino: Respec the targeted tamed dino (console only).
  • DestroyAllStructuresForTeamId <team id>: Destroys all structures owned by a player or team.
    Example: DestroyAllStructuresForTeamId 123456789

  • DestroyStructuresForTeamIdAtPosition <team id> <x> <y> <radius> <rafts>: Destroys all structures owned by a player or team within a given range from a position (optionally including rafts).
    Example: DestroyStructuresForTeamIdAtPosition 1234567890 85000.0 275000.0 1000 1

  • DestroyDinosForTeamId <team id>: Destroys all tamed dinos owned by a player or team.
    Example: DestroyDinosForTeamId 123456789

  • DroppedEggs <action>: List or destroy fertilized eggs on the map.
    • DroppedEggs list: List eggs.
    • DroppedEggs destroy_spoiled: Destroy spoiled eggs.
    • DroppedEggs destroy_spoiled_including_dropped_by_player: Destroy spoiled eggs, even ones that have been dropped by a player.
    • DroppedEggs destroy_all: Destroy all eggs.
    • DroppedEggs destroy_all_including_dropped_by_player: Destroy all eggs, even ones that have been dropped by a player.
  • FeedDinosForTeamId <team id>: Feed all dinos owned by a player or team.
    Example: FeedDinosForTeamId 123456789

  • ImprintOn [<steam id>]: Imprint yourself or another player on the targeted tamed dino.
    • ImprintOn: Imprint on yourself.
    • ImprintOn 12345678912345678: Imprint on another player.
  • NextImprint [reroll [pet, food, walk]]: Immediately unlock the next imprint on the targeted tamed baby dino.
    • NextImprint: Unlock next imprint.
    • NextImprint reroll: Reroll the current imprint and unlock it immediately.
    • NextImprint reroll food: Reroll the current imprint as feed kibble and unlock it immediately.

  1. Install ARK Server API (
  2. Download and extract ImprovedCommands into ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ArkApi\Plugins.
  3. Optionally configure the plugin in config.json.


In the configuration file config.json you may do the following
  • Enable/disable individual commands.
  • Change the name of individual commands.
  • Enable/disable the ARK Server API permission system for individual chat commands.

DroppedEggs configuration
  • ClassNames: Type(s) of dropped eggs the command will consider.

DestroyMyDino configuration
  • Method: The method used when destroying a creature (“destroy” or “suicide”).

MyDinoStats configuration
  • BaseStats
    • Show: Enable/disable calculation and output of base stats (in addition to base levels).
    • ImprintCalc: Imprinting quality used in calculation ("none" => 0%, "current" => from dino, "best" => 100%)
    • TamingEfficiencyCalc: Taming Efficiency used in calculation ("current" => from dino, "best" => 100%)
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Latest updates

  1. 2.03

    Dino Id command.
  2. 2.02

    Respec dino command. Option for My Dino Stats to show base stats in addition to base levels.
  3. 2.01

    Possible fix for suicide command crash.

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