• added prevention for an exploit where by tampering with mod files it caused the server to not verify the HWID of the player
  • removed sockets system as it was causing too much issues, double login protection and ban sync now work via mysql
  • fixed an issue where alt account detection would not kick players under certain circumstances
  • performance improvements
improved anti dupe to be faster and more reliable
enabled AVX for a performance increase
  • HWIDBans now prevents ARK from loading the default banlist (present in the win64 folder)
  • fixed an issue where HWIDBans would send server messages in some rare occasions
  • fixed an issue where players would be told their HWID was not verified even when it was (remade cache system)
  • the config is now neatly loaded into separate variables (increases speed when pulling config variables)
  • HWIDBans can now import your previous banlists (either the banlist.txt present in the win64 folder or a web banlist (if you're using one) you can set a banlist URL override in the config via the option
  • more changes from previous versions that are listed on the discord
-Added an option to whitelist admins from all checks
-Added a whitelist option from ALT account detection
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