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Gacha Feeder
PLEASE NOTE: After you purchase a license, please visit my Discord Channel for file access and Account ID
IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES BUYING FROM HERE you can also purchase from my Official Webstore located at:

This plugin will add Gacha Feeders to your servers. Feeders are saved and reloaded with the map.


Just look at the configured feeder structure (the default config is the vault and storage box) and then type /feedgachas

Also make sure you've filled your vault with foundations and other food the Gacha's love to eat and they will be delivered reliably. Also it will not fill up your Gacha inventory completely, you can leave room for owl pellets.

With the Gacha Feeder you can just put one point into weight and the rest of the points into crafting skill and your Gachas will be fed continuously while producing the best loot.

        "AccountID": "",  // account id
        "Enabled": true,  // enable plugin
        "DiscordWebHook": "",  // discord webhook for logging
        "DatabaseSaveIntervalMinutes": 15,   // database save interval in minutes
        "GachaFeedingIntervalSeconds": 120,  // how often to feed gachas in seconds
        // player setting permission profiles
        "GroupPermission": {
                "Priority": 1,
                "FeederEnabled": true,     // enable feeder
                "FeederUseTokens": false,  // pay with tokens?
                "FeederLimit": 2,   // how many feeders per map?
                "FeederPrice": 0    // how much?
                "Priority": 99,
                "FeederEnabled": true,     // enable feeder
                "FeederUseTokens": false,  // pay with tokens?
                "FeederLimit": 2,   // how many feeders per map?
                "FeederPrice": 0    // how much?
            "Enabled": true,
            "ChatCommand": "/feedgachas",
            "TokenName": "FeedGachas",
            "CommandCooldownInSeconds": 5,    // how often can the player spam this command?
            "FoundationDistanceLimit": 5,
            "AverageWeightRemaining": 250,   // the amount of "room" to leave on each gacha for things like owl pellets etc..
            "FoundationRange": 40,           // the range to look for gachas to feed
            // the structures used as feeders
            "Structures": [

            "GroupPermission": {
                    "Priority": 99,                

                    "Feeder": "This structure will now feed Gachas",
                    "FeederMax": "You have reached the max limit for Gacha feeders on this map",
                    "FeederOff": "This structure is no longer feeding Gachas",
                    "FeederFail": "This structure is already being used as a feeder",
                    "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use this command",
                    "PlayerHelpCommand": "All your available commands for Item Collector have been printed out for you in the tab console. Press your tab twice to see the results.",
                    "PlayerHelpCommandResults": "Command: {} for {} {}",
                    "SenderNameInChat": "SERVER",
                    "NotEnabled": "This feature is not enabled on the server",
                    "NotEnoughTokens": "You don't have enough tokens to use this command",
                    "NoPoints": "You do not have enough points ({} needed)",
                    "CommandPurchased": "Command purchased for {} points",
                    "CommandCooldown": "You cannot use this command so quickly, try again in a moment",                
                    "Points": "Points",
                    "Tokens": "Tokens",
                    "Free": "Free"

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