Foppa's Vote Rewards (Atlas)

Verified Foppa's Vote Rewards (Atlas) 3.2


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  • LoginReminder - will check the player when they login and remind them if there are any unclaimed votes. *
  • Broadcast - will post to everyone online (and discord if configured) to let everyone know this player got an awesome reward!) *
Site Support:
  • Updated support for & (unique logic for their sites) **
  • Verified support for all tests were successful
Config changes:
  • New message: "Claim-NoVotes" to display something... when no vote has been done. ***
  • New LoginReminder settings
  • New Broadcast settings
Solved Issues:
  • The counter for the total in the discord post was displaying (0)
  • If Default permission settings were missing, no rewards were given if you only had that permission group.
  • (Atlas Only) Some scenarios where the discord post wouldn't sent due to missing sender name
Upcoming Improvements:
  • Split discord messages into 2 if longer than 2000chars
  • Multi-permission support per reward
Known Issues:
  • N/A
* See config example for config section.
** Due to the limitation in their API the check command will always display unclaimed votes. (In other words, this isn't an issue with Vote Reward itself!)
*** "Claim-NoVotes": "(Reward is not possible at {}, try voting first!)",
  • Site Support: Added support for ""
  • Added new message: "Reward-Manually": "You got a reward from an admin!" used together with vr.givereward Improvements:
  • Improved authentication request
  • Improved multi-thread support
  • Improved kit selection for sites using multiple kits to be more random picking.
  • Improved vr.givereward to handle "random" as kit name, and it will auto-pick a kit.
  • Fixed bug where Dino was spawned in as dead using a modded blueprint path
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the discord result was showing incorrect
  • Fixed bug where cooldown message would appear in the middle of the result
  • Fixed bug where empty permission on kit would be considered as a permission
  • Fixed bug where the command cooldown was ignored on the second attempt
  • Fixed bug where item quantity wasn't calculated correctly
  • Fixed bug where dino levels weren't calculated correctly
  • Fixed bug where reward messages weren't sent in the correct order
  • Fixed bug where cooldown messages were classed as error, it should be using the category "Cooldown"
  • Fixed bug where vr.givereward counters were never reset back to 0

    Known Issues:
    • The date time isn't the server's current time zone.
    • The total counter per category shows incorrectly in the discord message.

    Upcoming Improvements:
    • split discord messages into 2 if longer than 2000chars
    • command for the player's to see previously rewarded items
  • Complete Plugin-Overhaul
  • Added support for
  • Added New config layout
  • Added New license system
  • Added New RewardKit Concept
  • Added New Permission Concept
  • Added Colour option for dinos
  • Added Cryo option for dinos (ARK ONLY!)
  • Added Saddle option for dinos (ARK ONLY!)
  • Added New Command /Check to check your rewards before claiming
  • Added Stack Voting support *
  • Added Configurable cooldown between use of commands **
  • Added /info with better information that can be customized
  • Improved vr.givereward to give a reward kit to a player (useful for other plugins/events and more)
  • Improved logic on chance setting & rewarding (It will always pick rewards with 100% chance first)
  • Improved reward shuffle to get better and more variety in rewards.
  • Improved Web requests for site checks
  • Improved New chance generator v3.0
  • Improved Messages and message handling
  • Improved Discord customization for logging, format, and markdown
  • Fixed Internal site cooldown logic to get information from the voting site if possible. ***
  • Fixed Command queuing to ensure players are able to claim both when they are supposed to and not.
  • Fixed A Better web error treatment to display when a voting-website is down or unreachable.
  • Removed minimum reward options, not needed anymore. (Besides points)
  • Removed /vote (Replaced with /info)
  • Removed, (Merged to
  • Removed Reward Name option as it's being read automatically.

    * Works currently only with
    ** A hardcoded minimum cooldown is set to 30s
    *** Works currently only with
  • Fixed when using Premium and Permission-based rewards.
  • Fixed when using Premium and Permission-based rewards.
  • Change: (AtlasOnly) Changed claim method to use the same as ARK Version!
    Reworked: Whole code, structured up, and even cleaner code structure
  • Reworked: RewardChance values to be percentage-based instead of old logic (100 = 100%, 44 = 44%, and so on (Important: UPDATE THIS!)
  • Added: Command rewards!
  • Added: Global Max Item/Dino/Command rewards
  • Added: Message when the player didn't win any extra rewards
  • Added: Command to send a manual reward through RCON/Console: vr.givereward <vote-site> <steamid> (for example: vr.givereward 76561234567891234)
  • Added: Reload command for Console/RCON vr.reload
  • Changed: Reload command for Chat from /vrreload to /vr.reload
  • Changed: Renamed the site-specific value "PointsOnly" to "EnableXtraReward" (Does the same but the opposite value needs to be set, for example, if you had "PointsOnly: false", update this to "EnableXtraReward: true")
  • Fixed: Chance values like -1 could sometimes break
  • Fixed: Site-specific values Max"Items/Dinos/Commands" rewards being counted incorrectly
  • Fixed: Better Discord integration logic
  • Fixed: Some Discord messages not being sent due to old logic
  • Improved: Completely reworked the Discord formatting for Discord logging (1 post per claim/site, instead of several)
  • Improved: Random numbers are now generated for points everytime
Note: This update requires a config update!!

Important: Due to the time spent fixing and improving this plugin, this will be the last free update containing additional functions. Any functions added after this update will be considered as "Premium" and will require an activation key which can be obtained by purchasing the plugin. Support and bug fixes will still be provided for the free version of the plugin at no additional cost.
  • Added Support for
  • Updated Support for (With their latest API)
  • Added Discord Integration for VoteReward Logging (Public = Less Info, Admin = More Info)
  • Added RewardName (Used for Logging to discord)
  • Added MaxItemsToReward (To Stop Give Items if a player managed to get lucky and hit a jackpot of getting all items in your config)
  • Added MaxDinosToReward (Same as above but for dinos)
  • Changed Dino/Item Reward Chance Logic (Should be more random than before)
  • General Code Clean-Up (Removed Unused code)

    Note: This update requires a config update!!
    (Version 2.2, 2.3 - 2.4 Skipped Since it's Merged with the ARK Version)
Potential fix on failed requested (updated to the latest api which has a fix on the requests class) hopefully now all requests should now be received and rewarded
Potential Crash Fix
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