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Foppa's Vote Rewards (Atlas)

Verified Foppa's Vote Rewards (Atlas) 3.2

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Foppa's Vote Rewards (Atlas)
Upcoming Features:
  • Auto Rewards
  • Leaderboard
  • Token Rewards
  • Random Dino Coloring
  • More TBA
  • Full-Permission-based Rewards with Permission Ranked settings
  • Reward Kits for simple config or advanced kit shuffling
  • Reward users for votes with items, dinos, and commands
  • Reward users with shop points (fixed or random amount)
  • Supports Stacked votes
  • Multiple or only one reward per vote
  • Lootbox, Kit, Gamble-based rewards or static rewards (guaranteed rewards together with random rewards)
  • Percentage based reward chance: 1.0 = 100%, 0.1 = 10%, 0.59 = 59%, 0.33 = 33%, 0.01 = 1%
  • Fixed or random quantity for item rewards
  • Fixed or random quality for item rewards
  • Fixed or random chance of blueprint for item rewards
  • Fixed or random levels for dino rewards
  • Fixed or random* coloring for dino rewards
  • Supports multiple voting-sites
  • Anti-vote site spam: vote timestamps are used to prevent players from mass spamming requests
  • Discord logging to make sure that your config rewards players as expected
  • Flexible config, remove what you don't need. For example, if you only have one voting site, remove the rest. If you don't want dinos to be rewarded, you can remove the whole dino section and so on.
  • Broadcast rare rewards to all the other players online! (Maybe makes them jealous for not voting enough or maybe it engage more PvP!)

How to disable Shop Point Rewards:
  • Set PointsMin and PointsMax to 0 or remove the option completely.

Chat Commands:
  • /claim - Checks for votes and rewards the player
  • /check - Check for votes but won't reward or claim any votes. Good for testing your server can reach the voting site.
  • /vr.test - Command to test rewards for all vote configs (skips the checking of an actual vote - used to test your config)
  • /vr.reload - Reloads config
  • vr.reload - Reloads config
  • vr.givereward - Manually gives a player a reward
    vr.givereward <steamid> <reward-kit> <reward-amount>

Supported Vote Sites:

  • TopGameServers.net the "Server Key" (Server API Key) is located on the manage server page.
  • Ark-servers.net the "API Key" is located on the manage your servers page.
  • Trackyserver.com the "Key" is located under my server and after you edit your server.
  • BestServers.com "Server Key" is located under the control panel and after you edit your server.

Looking to get supported?:
shoot me a pm if you are voting site owner and want your vote site supported in this plugin

How To Buy (Price: 30€)
  • Install the plugin.
  • Use the email you want to use for the account in the config
  • Pay through: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/foppasgaming
  • Create a ticket and message me your hwid, and transaction id in the ticket.
  • Once the license is active, you can simply use the command vr.reload

Note: 1 license is limited to 1 physical server, so multiple servers running on the same machine (HWID) would only need 1 license.
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