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Free Enhanced HLNA 1.13

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This seems to be an awesome plugin, it would be amazing if there were a possibility to make this work with the arkshop points, so player could have a store UI with out mods
This is a superb plugin. Allows the players have the HLNA store ANYWHERE on any map. The only 2 complaints I have are 1. the plugin uses the HLNA shield Skin rather than a UI and 2. when you die the HLNA skin disappears completely were you have to use the command to get it back after EVERY death. Besides those 2 issues I have with it, I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone for those that want HLNA anywhere at any time on any map other than the genesis maps. It is also HIGHLY configurable to add more options to the store from workshop created items as well as HIGHLY configurable for how you and your players get hex points. I also wish there was a way to add any item in the game to the shop but from what I was told, it's sadly not possible without a completely rebuilt plugin. but still I HIGHLY Recommend this plugin.
Make sure you have the "Give Default Survivor Items" option enabled in your default Ark Advanced Settings Menu. That could be why you're not automatically spawning with the HLNA skin if you have the genesis pass.
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