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Discord Game Linker
A Simple plugin designed for Bot developers to allow linked functions between discord and Ark.
The command is configurable by Permissions and can be configured to cost Ark Shop points or Tokens via TokenBank!

/linkgame <discordId>​

DiscordGameLinker.link <steam_id> <discord_id>​

This will save the players steamid and discordid they entered, into a database table that your Bot can use.
Supports MySql/MariaDB and Sqlite.

Reload command: DiscordGameLinker.reload

        "Enabled": true,   // enables the plugin
        "DiscordWebHook": "",  // add a webhook url for logging when players use the command and what id they supply
        "GroupPermission": {
            "Default":{  // player group permissions are defined here. A Default config is required. Set your priority order, this is for players that qualify for more than one config. The lowest priority is selected. This is why Default should always be the highest priority
                "Priority": 99,
                "LinkGameEnabled": true,   // enables the command for this group
                "LinkGameUseTokens": false,  // use tokens for currency (via TokenBank), otherwise ArkShop points are assumed
                "LinkGameTokenName": "LinkGameToken",  // name of token to use
                "LinkGamePrice": 0 // amount to charge, if 0 then command is free

        "LinkGame":{   // stores the players steam id and discord id they entered, into a database
            "Enabled": true,   // enable this feature for the plugin
            "ChatCommand": "/linkgame",   // chat command to use
            "CommandCooldownInSeconds": 5  // how often the user can spam the command
            "GroupPermission": {
                    "Priority": 99,
                    "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use this command",
                    "SenderNameInChat": "SERVER",
                    "NotEnabled": "This feature is not enabled on the server",
                    "NotEnoughTokens": "You don't have enough tokens to use this command",
                    "NoPoints": "You do not have enough points ({} needed)",
                    "CommandPurchased": "Command purchased for {} points",
                    "CommandCooldown": "You cannot use this command so quickly, try again in a moment ({} second(s) left)",           
                    "LinkGame": "You can succesfully linked your discord id",
                    "MissingId": "You must supply your discord id",
                    "InvalidId": "Thie discord id you entered is not valid",
                    "Points": "Points",
                    "Tokens": "Tokens",
                    "Free": "Free"
        "Mysql": {
            "UseMysql": false,
            "MysqlHost": "localhost",
            "MysqlUser": "",
            "MysqlPass": "",
            "MysqlDB": "discordgamelink"
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.01 Update

    Added RCON command: DiscordGameLinker.link <steam_id> <discord_id>

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great plugin great Dev! He's actively giving support to all his plugins. Cant wait to try his new plugins !
thank you!
I'm just creating an open source project that uses the calss cross chat linking table that is similar to this one, for those who don't have that plugin, this one will come in handy ^^
thank you!
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