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Program Discord ArkShop 2.0

No permission to buy (€24.99)
Added: Discount
Added: Admin Commands: Add / Remove / Set
Added: More info with /info: Discord Points + ArkShop Points = Total
Remove: Remove Market `Is now a standalone bot.` The Bot is now here: MARKET

a small sale until November 30th for the ShopBot!

A plugin where you have the possibility to let dinos spawn in Cryos
Is included in the shop

Shop Update:

Market Payment Methode Changed
Cooldown Option Added
LogChannel for buying Added

Fixed: Purchase Clitch that no points were deducted
- Limit ( You can only buy a certain amount of this item )
- Category ( Each created category now has its own channel ID for a better overview )

Purchase system has been slightly revised. The buy button is now standard

Screenshot 2022-10-27 190921.png

/buy also got a small adjustment
-Added a dropdown menu

Screenshot 2022-10-27 192039.png
Shop works with button / page system :)
Config has been changed.
More on Discord!
+ Ark Shop Support
+ Automatic Points with specific roles
+ more translation
+ Market with Image

New Discord Commands:

Transfer your points from the ark shop to the bot
Sent your bot points to your ark shop
Trade your bot points with another user
Display your reward shop info
Buy your item from the reward shop here
Claim you reward points
Sell items on the market
Trader function has been added

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