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Program Discord Ark Market 1.0

No permission to buy (€10.00)
Market is now a single bot and has been separated from the shop system.
This is a virtual market and is not connected to any database of any of the shops! This must all be completed in private messages or chat. This is not only a bot for Ark but can also be used for other games!

Screenshot 2022-11-23 210350.png

One license for unlimited servers in a same single physical server.
Requires a manual activation, in under 24h will be done.
Installation / Support / Buy:
Please, join to my https://discord.gg/TB8WN3fbFM to see all documentation, get support or buy it.
German and English Support


 * SETUP AND INVITE YOUR BOT HERE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NtOlgD0Js-gLL9QZh0bYikZuvqpq7sFSA6xDzhMN3Cs/edit?usp=sharing
 * IN CASE YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11OD4pzrH-qWwKBUuihEvTOR_pnkhbum3KSHBH74yEKs/edit?usp=sharing

module.exports = {
    token: '', // Discord Bot Token
    accountId: '', // NGoG account ID.
    guildId: '', // Discord ID
    marketChannelId: '', // Channel ID
    databases: {
        shopBot: {
            database: 'market',
            host: 'localhost',
            user: '', // MYSQL User
            pass: '', // MYSQL Password
            port: 3306,
    messages: {
        buy: {
            title: 'Claimed offer',
            description: '✅ Successfully claimed the offer, you can contact the seller to complete the trade.',
            footer: 'Ark Market',
            color: '#4287f5',
        sell: {
            title: "{user}'s Offer:",
            description: '{user} created a new offer, click the `Buy` button below!',
            footer: 'Ark Market',
            color: '#4287f5',
        claim: {
            title: '{user} claimed your offer!',
                '{user} has claimed your offer. To complete this trade click the confirm button below!\n\n**Offer:**\n- Item: `{offer}`\n- Amount `${amount}`\n- Price `{price}`\n\nTo complete this trade contact the buyer!',
            footer: 'Ark Market',
            color: '#4287f5',
        errors: {
            marketCantClaimOwn: '❌ you cant claim your own offers...',
            marketAlreadySold: '❌ It seems like this offer was already sold.',
            marketTradeNotFound: '❌ I could not find the specified trade.',
            marketAlreadySold: '❌ It seems like this offer was already sold.',
            marketClaimConfirmed: '✅ Your claim has been confirmed by {user}!',
            marketTradeConfirmed: '✅ You have successfully completed this trade.',
            sellError: '❌ The marked channel ID in the config is invalid. please contact an admin!',
            sellSuccess: '✅ Successfully created a new offer in {channel}!',
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