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Dino Utilities

Free Dino Utilities 1.26

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What's new in Version 1.26
  • You can now /imprint a sleeping baby dino
  • Fixed an issue with /claimbabies not counting towards the max tamed dino limit
  • Fixed issue with /pods and /pods not dropping equipped dino items
no config changes
What's new in Version 1.25:
  • Added support for S+ Cloning Chamber for /finishclone
  • Added support for SoulTraps for /pod, /pods, and /claimbabies (currently with incomplete hover display)
  • Added permission property DinoClaimBabiesUseSoulTrapsForCryopods
  • Added permission property DinoFastpodRangeUseSoulTrapsForCryopods
  • Added permission property DinoFastpodSingleUseSoulTrapsForCryopods
config file has changed
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What's new in version 1.24:
  • Fixed logic issue with /claimbabies and cryopods
  • Fixed issue with /claimbabies and S+ Nanny
  • Fixed issue with hatch egg not working all the time
    no config changes

What's new in 1.23
  • Fixed crash when inventory full and using pod or pods
  • Fixed DinoMindwipe, to prevent it from mindwiping tamable boss dino's like the forest titan etc..
  • Added Messages > DinoMindWipeFail
  • Added Messages > DinoCryopodFail
  • Added to GroupPermission > DinoClaimBabies >
    • DinoClaimBabiesPutInCryopods
    • DinoClaimBabiesRequireCryopods
    • DinoClaimBabiesImprintValueOverride
  • Fixed DinoMindwipe, to prevent it from resetting any of the dino stats! (eg hp, food, stam etc..)
  • Added DinoKill /dkill
  • Added DinoHatchEgg /hatch
  • Added DinoUnNeuter /unneuter
  • Added to Messages >
    • DinoHatchEgg
    • DinoKill
    • DinoKillFail
    • NoTargetEgg
  • Fixed some logic issues with Tokens
  • Added DinoFinishClone /finishclone
    • this will complete the current cloning session you have going (look at TekCloningChamber and then use command)
  • Added to Messages >
    • DinoFinishCloning
    • DinoFinishCloningFail
    • DinoFinishCloningFail2
    • DinoFinishCloningFail3
  • Fixed /claimbabies from renaming the dino
  • Fixed some logic issues with help command and viewing prices
  • Added to Messages >
    • DinoHatchEggFail
    • DinoUnNeuter
    • DinoUnNeuterFail
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What's new in version 1.22:
  • Fixed another issue with tokens not purchasing correctly
    no config changes

Version 1.21
  • fixed issue with DinoFastpodRangeRequireCryopods consuming all cryopods in inventory if there are more dino's in the area than the max limit.
  • Added DinoImprintValue
  • Added DinoImprintValueOverride
  • Fixed issue with tokens not purchasing correctly
config file has changed
What's new in version 1.20:
  • Fixed issue with DinoRaiseBabyImprintValue (it was accidently hardcoded to 1.0)
  • Added DinoClaimBabiesImprintValue to config
  • Added DinoFastpodRangeRequireCryopods to config. This will require player to have cryopods in their inventory to successfully cryopod a dino in range
  • Added DinoFastpodSingleRequireCryopods to config. This will require player to have cryopods in their inventory to use the command

    changes to config and messages section

What's new in version 1.19
  • Added check for /claimbabies to make sure there are no other player tribe structures in the area (to prevent other players from claiming your dinos and podding them)
  • Fixed issue with wild dino colors in WildDinoColorSchemes not being captured correctly
  • Added DinoImprintBabiesOnly to config
  • Added DinoRaiseBabyImprintValue to config

    config file has changed - DinuUtilities/GroupPermissions and Messages sections

What's new in version 1.18

I forgot to include the correct DLL files in the previous release of version 1.17.
This will reflect those changes now. Sorry about that!
What's new in version 1.17:
  • Fixed the cryopods used with /pod and /pods.
    • All cryopod information will now display when you hover over it.
    • Also fixed the mating cooldown from resetting when you deploy the dino out of the cryopod.
  • Added DinoImprintPriceOverride to specify individual imprinting prices for each dino
**config file has changed **