Dino & Structure Limiter

Plugin Dino & Structure Limiter 1.24

- Added optional limit for max linked structures to prevent huge base lag.
- Added ability to limit amount of structures within range.
- In range limit can use Maga ORP to increase limit for the ORP area, to allow for more structures at base.
- Fixed counting problems when using exo-mek
- Made structure ignore list for config: {
"Max_Structures_Ignore_List": [

- Fixed reloading config doubling dino coun
- Added option for max dino limit to count dinos using ARK costs. (Increased for value for platform sadle dinos etc) This only affects max dino limit.
- Fixed uploading dinos to tribute/terminal not lowering limit.
- Fixed possibility of dino babies being removed when born after server has been up for a long time.
- Fixes dino stats due to outdated hook definition
Dino&Structure Limiter 1.1
- Reworked core plugin functionality and design to allow for new features and better performance.
- Made it read and detect item blueprint path for all structures. (The old way of using structure paths will still work for compatibility!)
- Made 0 be an actual limit... Example 0 limit of MEK, means NO meks at all..
- Added max dino per tribe limit. (0 is off)
- Added ability to group multiple dinos into same limit.
- Added ability to group multiple structures into same limit.
- Added ability to block usage of items like mek spawner/ raft if limit is reached.
- New config options, but made plugin able to read old config values for compatibility.
Added ability to set a total structure limit which every structure counts towards.
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