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Custom skins

Unmaintained Custom skins V1.0

No permission to download
The "Unmaintained" prefix is a technical term often used in the development world to signal that a specific piece of code, feature, or a resource is no longer actively managed or updated by its creators. It's similar to a 'Beware' sign on a physical property, warning visitors to proceed with caution.

For instance, if a developer creates a resource for other users to use, but later decides not to continue updating it due to various reasons like time constraints or shifting focus to other projects, they might attach an 'unmaintained' tag to it. This tag serves as a clear indication to other users that while they can still use this resource, they should be aware that it may not be up-to-date with the latest coding standards or security updates.

From a user perspective, an 'unmaintained' tag can help yourself identify resources that may not provide the best experience or security. It signals that the resource in question may have outdated features, potential security vulnerabilities, or bugs that are unlikely to be fixed.
Custom skins
Exclusive skins for your server, created specifically with your colors, logos, and much more in mind. Highlight the individuality of your gaming world with our unique designs.
To order skins and discuss design and pricing, reach out to me on

Armor Skin Example:


Weapon Skin Example:
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