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Cryorama was design to suck out the all fun of cryopoding 200 creatures in ARK. /s


- Able to cryopod creatures that normally can’t be cryopod like Tek Stryder, Hover Skiff, Bosses and Titans
- Able to give permissions to allow only your trusted members to use new cryo features
- No need to have cryopod
- Cryopod has only one use

- Cryopod does not show info about the creature, only the name is available

How to use:

Single creature:

/cryo, look at the creature and type /cryo on the chat and the creature will be cryopoded

Multiple creatures:

/cryoall, stand on the middle of the creatures and type /cryoall, all the creatures will be cryopoded
This option can be used with a filter, valid filters are:

/cryoall type of the dino -> /cryoall rex will cryo all the dinos
/cryoall name of the dino -> /cryoall fuffly will cryo all dinos named fuffly
/cryoall baby keyword -> /cryoall baby will cryo all non-adult creatures

Cryoall is very useful to get rid of unwanted creatures, like a batch of 30 baby rex, just /cryoarea rex and drop the bags, no need become a monster killing those poor babies.

⚠ “Baby”, “Juvenile” and “Adolescent” are not part of the name and can`t be used as filter.

**The Cryonator 2000**

To turn any weapon into the **Cryonator 2000**, just equip and hold the weapon on hand, and type /craft on the chat, after that just fire at any creature.

**Any weapon can be turned into **Cryonator 2000**.

There are options to prevent the to block the cryopoding of creature and to prevent turning weapons into the Cryonator 2000.

⚠ It does not make any changes to the normal cryopod, that is, **it will not block anything from the normal cryopod**!

"notificationScale": 2.0,
"notificationDisplayTime": 5.0,
"requiredPermission": "cryorama", // required permission to use the commands
"radius": 1500, // radius of the /cryoall command
"maxDino": 10, // maximum dinos that will be cryopoded at a time for the /cryoall command
"commands": {
"cryo": {
"command": "/cryo" // cryopod single creature command
"cryoArea": {
"command": "/cryoall" // cryopod multiple creature command
"craft": {
"command": "/craft", // command to turn weapon into the Cryonator 2000
"blockedWeapon": [] // list of weapons that should not be allowed be turned into Cryonator 2000
"blockedDino": [ ], // dinos blocked in the /cryo, /cryoall and Cryonator 2000
"messages": {
"sender": "[JBR]",
"noPermission": "You dont have permission to use the Cryorama",
"craftNotAllowed": "Itens in your hand can't be crafted into Cryonator 2000",
"craftNotFound": "Put a weapon in your hand to turn into Cryonator 2000",
"craftsuccess": "Cryonator 2000 crafted",
"dinoBlocked": "Creature can't be cryopoded",
"invalid": "I can't cryopoded that"

- One license is needed for each physical server
- To active your license, reach me Uaca#3588 on discord or join the https://discord.gg/zysYxMXbdF server
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Latest updates

  1. 1.13

    Version 1.13 -fix a bug where only one creature was allowed to be in the allowed creatures list
  2. Version 1.7

    - Fix for Maewing being added twice to inventory while using /cryoall command
  3. Version 1.5

    - added required required permission for each command - improved cryopod tooltip this...
Nitrado Console Servers Partner