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AutoCrafting FREE

Free AutoCrafting FREE 1.02

No permission to download
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Adds drag and drop auto-crafting to your server!
Structures will display their default engrams too!

Very easy to use!

Each crafting structure will have an "Auto-Crafting" folder in the inventory.

Only craft what you want by simply dragging and dropping the engrams and/or blueprints into the folder to initiate auto crafting. (Provided you have resources in there too!)

AutoCrafting will stop once the max inventory slot count has been reached! (Meaning, it will exceed the standard slot counts!) or if you remove the resources from the structure.

Works well with the Engram Resource Puller

Check out the video examples below...

Default engram display on a vanilla Refining Forge:

IMPORTANT: To be able to drag and drop, the Show Engrams button must be OFF (the Crafting Tab appears)

See it in Action!

Mortar and Pestle Example

Refining Forge Example

Smithy Example

        "FolderName": "Auto-Crafting"

If you enjoy my plugins, please leave a rating!
Join my Discord Channel for more support!
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Latest updates

  1. What's new in version 1.02

    - Fixed the issue with players being able to Autocraft engrams they have not learned yet :p...
  2. Version 1.01 Update

    - Fixed issue with some structures not getting the AutoCrafting folder.
  3. Version 1.0a Update

    Fixed the folder name. "FREE" should not have been in the folder name.

Latest reviews

you can automatically craft things for unlearned engrams
you can automatically craft things for unlearned engrams
hmm I should probably fix that haha
thx u so much, every time doing what we need!
glad you like it!
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