Auto Crafter

Plugin Auto Crafter 2.00

Added automatic self registration if an unused license is available.
Maintenance release no feature changes.
Changed how messages are loaded from the config.json to prevent crashing.
Updated some auth related code.
Auto Crafter v1.19

Ammo Box can now have the inventory slots limited.
Added supporting message when inventory is full.

(config change to Messages)
Fixed a crash that could happen under certain conditions.
**Auto Crafter v1.16**

HP and Slot description changes should be visible after placing now.
Added new structure option:
  • "NoFuel": false //Set to true to remove fuel requirements for the structure, it will auto activate and cannot be turned off. Set to false to require fuel as normal. (Reboot needed to update entire map)
  • *When using this on a structure that burns wood as fuel it will not produce charcoal*
Update to address crafting issues if the crafting bench is in an unloaded part of the map.
Fixed issue with personal teleporter not working (mod item)
Player removable blueprints will be the priority item crafted if the structure has a built in primitive blueprint also.
Large performance optimization

**(config change noted above)**
Crafting benches with modified slot count, health or speed changes should now be working immediately after a reboot.
Keep in mind that visible description on the table might show incorrectly until you put or remove an item in the inventory but that is only a display bug with changing these values.

Fixed a couple unicode text display errors.
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