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Verified ArkShopUI 1.09

No permission to download
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Added support for ArkShop 3.02
3.02 betas are no longer supported so download the full release
**ArkShopUI 1.05**

Added support for ArkShop 3.02 Beta 3 (https://discord.com/channels/735675452487893093/844610899879657493/971578055623594014)

**ArkShopUI 1.06**

Added support for ArkShop 3.02 Beta 4 (https://discord.com/channels/735675452487893093/844610899879657493/972662794455482379)

**ArkShopUI 1.07**

Fixed a crash issue with kits.
Added support for ArkShop 3.02 Beta 5 (https://discord.com/channels/735675452487893093/844610899879657493/974868651536699492)
ArkShopUI v1.04 - _Requires ArkShop 3.01+_
> Added compatibility for ArkShop 3.02 Beta 2 (<https://discord.gg/hDP7ghz>)
> Added new config.json and commented_config.json
> All store settings will be managed from the plugin config now the INI settings are no longer used.
> Reloading the `ArkShop config` also updates the `ArkShopUI config` settings
> This allows for live changes to setting for the UI without requiring a restart.

UI Config Settings - Leaving out a setting will just use the original default value from the mod.
> You can set all options or only they ones you want to change.
  "UiKey": "F3", //Key to open the shop
  "ShopName": "Fancy Warehouse", //Shop Name label at the top of the shop window
  "WebsiteUrl": "url", //web url
  "DiscordUrl": "url", //web url
  "VoteRewards": false, //Enable if using the Vote Rewards plugin
  "DisableSellButton": false, //true will hide the sell option
  "DisableTradeButton": false, //true will hide the trade option
  "HideBuffIcon": false, //true will hide the Shop buff icon
  "OverrideShopIcon": "/Game/ScorchedEarth/Icons/Resources/WyvernEgg3_Icon", //changes the default shop buff icon
  "OverrideCurrencyIcon": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/Icons/Narcotic_Icon", //changes the default currency icon
  "OverrideLabels": [ // override text on the UI elements
    { "ItemsTabLabel": "Stuff" }, //Buy Items Tab
    { "KitsTabLabel": "Packs" }, //Buy Kits Tab
    { "StashTabLabel": "Yours" }, //Buy Stash Tab
    { "SellTabLabel": "Sell" }, //Sell Items tab
    { "TradeTabLabel": "Trade" }, //Trade Points tab
    { "BuyViewLabel": "Get that!" }, //Buy menu toggle
    { "SellViewLabel": "Sell that!" }, //Sell menu toggle
    { "TradeViewLabel": "Trade that!" }, //trade menu toggle
    { "BuyLabel": "Buy It" }, //Buy button text
    { "SellLabel": "Sell It" }, //Sell button text
    { "RedeemLabel": "Use It" }, //Redeem button text
    { "WebsiteLabel": "Website" }, //Website button text
    { "DiscordLabel": "Discord" }, //Discord button text
    { "ClaimVotesLabel": "Claim Votes" } //Vote Rewards button text
ArkShopUI v1.02 - Requires ArkShop 3.01+

Stash tab will now filter out kits that you cannot use/redeem
Selling Supported
Trading Supported
Attempt at fixing any UI Hotkey issues
UI design was updated slightly to accommodate all new features.
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