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Verified ArkShopUI 1.09

No permission to download
The Verified tag represents a level of trust and authenticity for users who have successfully gone through our verification process. It signifies that a user's resources have been thoroughly reviewed and have met our platform's high standards for quality and reliability.
ArkShopUI - Requires ArkShop 3.XX (plugin) + ArkShopUI (plugin) + ArkShopUI (mod)
The ArkShopUI requires zero configuration or changes to your ArkShop config. (some optional changes)
If you already use ArkShop 3.0+ you can install this plugin and Mod and you will have a functioning UI.
Plugin and Mod are only compatible with the Official ArkShop release.

MOD ID: 2693727499
MOD Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2693727499

Current Supported Features
- Item Buying
- Kit Buying
- Kit Redeeming
- Selling
- Trading

Mod Features
- Customizable shop name
- Customizable Hotkey to open the UI (F1-F12)
- Most UI text can be changed.
- Vote Rewards claim button
- Search Box
- Customizable Buttons
- Discord
- Website
See the commented_config.json for all options available.

  "UiKey": "F3", //Key to open the shop
  "ShopName": "Fancy Warehouse", //Shop Name label at the top of the shop window
  "WebsiteUrl": "url", //web url
  "DiscordUrl": "url", //web url
  "VoteRewards": false, //Enable if using the Vote Rewards plugin
  "DisableSellButton": false, //true will hide the sell option
  "DisableTradeButton": false, //true will hide the trade option
  "HideBuffIcon": false, //true will hide the Shop buff icon
  "OverrideShopIcon": "/Game/ScorchedEarth/Icons/Resources/WyvernEgg3_Icon", //changes the default shop buff icon
  "OverrideCurrencyIcon": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/Icons/Narcotic_Icon", //changes the default currency icon
  "OverrideLabels": [ // override text on the UI elements
    { "ItemsTabLabel": "Stuff" }, //Buy Items Tab
    { "KitsTabLabel": "Packs" }, //Buy Kits Tab
    { "StashTabLabel": "Yours" }, //Buy Stash Tab
    { "SellTabLabel": "Sell" }, //Sell Items tab
    { "TradeTabLabel": "Trade" }, //Trade Points tab
    { "BuyViewLabel": "Get that!" }, //Buy menu toggle
    { "SellViewLabel": "Sell that!" }, //Sell menu toggle
    { "TradeViewLabel": "Trade that!" }, //trade menu toggle
    { "BuyLabel": "Buy It" }, //Buy button text
    { "SellLabel": "Sell It" }, //Sell button text
    { "RedeemLabel": "Use It" }, //Redeem button text
    { "WebsiteLabel": "Website" }, //Website button text
    { "DiscordLabel": "Discord" }, //Discord button text
    { "ClaimVotesLabel": "Claim Votes" } //Vote Rewards button text
"DisplayAs" was added so admin commands in the UI interface can show up more meaningful to a player.
  "Command": "AddPoints {steamid} 10000",
  "DisplayAs": "10000 Shop Points"

Special Thanks
@MyrcX for building the UI Mod
@WETBATMAN for technical support
All the beta testers


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Latest updates

  1. 1.09

    Added support for ArkShop 3.02 3.02 betas are no longer supported so download the full release
  2. 1.07

    **ArkShopUI 1.05** Added support for ArkShop 3.02 Beta 3...
  3. 1.04

    ArkShopUI v1.04 - _Requires ArkShop 3.01+_ > Added compatibility for ArkShop 3.02 Beta 2...

Latest reviews

The plug-in is very easy to use and has flexible configuration. The only regret is that I can't show my QR code to the player!
Allows players on my cluster to more easily use the in game shop features without the hassle of remembering individual buy codes or having to create a website just to have them visit to see what's available.
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