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ArkShop Abberation Modded Shop Config

Config ArkShop Abberation Modded Shop Config 2.0.3

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This is a full shop configuration template for a modded Abberation server using patron tiers in permissions groups and an sql database using the ArkShop v3.02 Beta 2. Available on Foppa's Discord Would highly suggest you use a separate utf8mb4_general_ci database for your shop points and kits and not just another table under a single database.

Notepad++ will make editing json config files much easier on you.

What makes this an "abberation" config is that it contains the boss kit entries for abberation as part of it and no other map's boss kits to be inline with the item transfer restrictions implemented by Wild Card. So to keep to that if you want to use this on another map, only configure a boss kit specifically for that map's arenas and nothing else.

Starter Kit is configured to automatically be available to new players with a limit of two uses. If you want it to be purchasasable. Add a price line....Then they will need to wait until enough time passes to have points to buy it or if you use vote rewards, Shop Rewards or Tebex...use that route for point accruals.

This config does include flyers so depending on your server setup using an api to disable flyers or gen1's no fly config option you can edit as needed to exclude and or change those dinos (pelagornis and wyvern entries) to something else to fit your setup best.

It contains all event skin and chibi packs up to the latest Eggcellent adventure event 2022. Mod assets in the config come from the following mods:

Lethal's reusables
Kraken's Better Dinos
Awesome Spyglass
Dino Storage V2
Structures Plus
Skinnable Tek
Classic Armor Skins
Extra QoL Items
Vegetation Planters
Auction House
Inventory Backup System
Speed Potion
Awesome Teleporters

Contains two entries for quest reset for Lethal's Quests Plugin

If you wish to place certain items in a particular order, the shop plugin reads the item indexes by alphanumerical order, ie, 0-9 and A-Z. So if you want something to be at the very top then start the itemID with 0,1,2,3, etc. Letters are read next in line.
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed Corrupted paracer bp path

    Fixed copy error
  2. Fix incorrect bp path for invisible skins kit

    Fix for a copy error on the titled kit
  3. Fixed missing commas in new kit entries

    Fixed missing commas in new kit entries