Verified ArkHomes 1.32

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  • Customizable delays and cooldowns
  • Customizable messages
  • SQLite database
  • Checks if player near a friendly base
  • Checks if player near an enemy base
  • Supports ArkShop & Permissions
Chat Commands:
  • /addhome <HomeName> - Saves your current position for the home location.
  • /removehome <HomeName> - Removes a home.
  • /home <HomeName> - Teleports you to the home location.
  • /listhomes - Lists all home names.
  • /tp <LocationName> - Teleports you to the location, defined by the server.
  • /tplist - Lists all public teleports that are available.
Console Commands:
  • ArkHome.Reload - Reloads a config file.
Permission for teleporting (if enabled):
  • ArkHomes.Teleport
Please note that this is a permission name, not a group. You can grant permissions to a group by using the grant and revoke commands, in permissions plugin.

    "HomeTpDelay":20, // Teleport delay for /home command in seconds
    "TeleportDelay":15, // Teleport delay for /tp command in seconds
    "TpHomeCooldown":1, // Cooldown for /home command in minutes
    "TeleportCooldown":1, // Cooldown for /tp command in minutes
    "AddHomeCooldown":1, // Cooldown for /addhome command in minutes
    "MaxHomes":2, // Maximum amount of homes for player
    "MinStructures":3, // Minimum amount of friendly structures near the player to be able to add home
    "Radius":5000, // Radius used to check friendly structures
    "CanTpWithDino":true, // Can teleport while riding a dino
    "EnemyStructureMinDistance":10000 // Minimum distance to the enemy structure to be able to use teleport
    "UsePermissions": false, // Requires permission "ArkHomes.Teleport" to teleport (NOT GROUP, IT NEEDS A PERMISSION!!)
    "UseArkShop": false, // If true points will be taken from the player on each teleport
     "CostPerHomeTeleport": 20 // Points that teleport cost
  "Teleport":{  // Teleport locations

Latest updates

  1. 1.32

    Fixed an issue with detecting enemy structures nearby.
  2. Release 1.31

    Release 1.2: Added ArkShop support, can require to pay when teleporting to a home ( @rootie )...
  3. 1.1

    Added a check for enemy structures before teleporting Fixed a crash

Latest reviews

VERY great plugin. Highly recommend it for anyone. Highly configurable and extremely useful. Wish it had a MySQL option so it didn't create its own database files which can and will cause issues doing it that way but other than that I have no issues and HIGHLY recommend this plugin to anyone.
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