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Free Ark Shop 3.02

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I would like to present the free web manager for this plugin, if possible give the credits thank you:
Отсутствует - Пример конфигурации от @Bobby_moore :
The only problem that i find with this plugin is that it doesnt log timer when transfering between servers in cluster. My TimedReward timer is 30 min, if users play on one server 25 minutes, and travell to another one in cluster, instead of 5 minutes for reward, they need to wait 30 minutes again... Also discord support is very slow not responding a ticket for more than one hour.
[ArkShop][error] (C:\Ark-Server-Plugins\ArkShop\ArkShop\Private\Database\SqlLiteDB.h SqlLite::GetPoints) Unexpected DB error not all rows extract ed

I am having this exact same issue, any suggestions?
outstanding work, does what it says on the tin , no crashes very stable
I trust the program, a little tricky but its good
Could do with an extra tab or two perhaps the option to add them yourself or categorize the items.

Dino - all dino's into this catagory
Consumables - all eatable stuff in this catagory
Resources - all useable items in this catagory
Gear - all gear skins, saddles in this catagory
Structures & Bp - just what it says
Misc - everything else you can't place

This will help the player navigate much faster.
Other than that, I love it.

Thanks for this it's awesome.
Hands down the best Ark plugin designed along with the UI mod. Easy to setup and to make a less grindy experience for players.
Very easy setup, works perfectly
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