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Free Ark Server Remaster 1.43

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- Fixed a core Ark bug which let Stegos impale Titans, allowing for exorbitantly high damage amounts.

- Fixed a bug preventing wild Deinonychus from spawning Fertilized Eggs.

- Increased Carnotaurus Bite attack's base damage from 45 to 50. Their Headbutt attack's base damage has been reduced from 45 to 40, and now applies a crippling effect instead of bleeding.

- Maewing Belly-Flop attack's base damage has been reduced from 40 to 20 and now applies a crippling effect to those knocked back.

- Increased Megalania Bite attack's base damage from 20 to 25, and their dual Claw attack's base damage from 32 to 40. In addition, their run speed has also been increased by about 20%.

- Reduced Male Megaloceros Horn attack's base damage from 30 to 25. They can now apply their bleed debuff to other creatures too, rather than only to players.

- Wild Ravagers now apply a lesser bleed debuff with their Bite attacks which no longer cripples foes. Tamed Ravagers can now apply the same lesser bleed debuff as well.

- Sarcos now inflict a crippling bleed debuff with their Spinning-Bite attack, similar to the Allosaurus.

- Reworked the Bleed debuff (from Giganotosaurus, Thylacoleo, Megalodon, Allosaurus, Ravager, etc) so it drains between 1-5% of the victim's max health over a duration depending on the size difference between the attacker and the victim, rather than always draining a flat 5% of the victim's max health.

- When saddle 'durability' is enabled on your server using the "SaddleArmorDamagedRateMult" setting, saddles will now properly be damaged when a dino with one equipped gets hit by turrets.

- Added the following Config Settings in the "[Recommended Ini Setting Overrides]" section:
* "OverrideLimitTurretsInRange", "OverrideLimitTurretsRange", "OverrideLimitTurretsNum"
- Reduced Andrewsarchus running stamina consumption rate. Reduced its run speed while its armored turret saddle is equipped. The Andrewsarchus Saddle now reduces damage more than typical saddles due to its full body cover.

- Creatures that attempt to flee at low health will no longer be quite as hostile to their aggressor after a duration if they are able to secure enough of a safe distance away from them.

- Reduced player food/water consumption rates from using stamina slightly. Reduced the extra food depletion rate while the player is suffering from being 'Cold' to match the equivalent extra water depletion rate from being too hot. Increased the health loss rate while the player is suffering from high heat 'Hyperthermia' to match the equivalent health loss rate from hypothermia.

- Fixed a bug that affected certain creatures with unique taming methods such as the new Desmodus, preventing them from being tameable.

- Fixed a bug that could prevent certain multi-menu options from activating correctly for the player.

- Fixed a server crash.
- Fixed a bug that prevented cooking custom recipes in cooking pots.

- Fixed a bug that prevented Fjordur's Portal Cave teleport terminals from activating.

- Summoning a Realm Teleportation Portal from the multi-menu on the Fjordur map now costs 10 Runestones by default. A new Config Setting named "FjordurMultiTeleportRunestoneCost" has been added, which can be modified to adjust the default cost.

- Fjordhawk no longer teleports to or brings a player's items to them after they Fast Travel with Beds.

- Added the following new "Vocabulary.txt" terms:
* "Notification_Fjordur_MultiTeleport_ErrorNotEnoughToActivate"
- Fixed a server crash.

- Fixed a bug with the "TranscribeBPCooldownHours" and "DisassembleItemCooldownHours" Config options which prevented them from optionally being disabled.

- Fixed a bug that could cause passive tame creatures to excessively defecate during the taming process.

- Implemented some basic balance/compatibility updates for many of Fjordur's new additions. Some notable changes are:
* Andrewsarchus now gives its rider a bit of Hypothermal insulation.
* Fenrir now gives its rider a good amount of Hypothermal insulation.

- When taming a knocked out creature, players no longer need to keep food in the dino's inventory to avoid its taming progress from rapidly depleting. This should allow players to more freely go out and collect prime meat when taming carnivores for example, without the creature filling up on less effective basic meats in the meantime.

- Adjusted various creature tame speeds that had disproportionally long tame times at lower levels compared to at higher levels. With these changes, the affected creatures will now be a bit quicker to tame at lower levels, while taking roughly the same time at higher levels. This should be particularly helpful for early game passive taming on servers that have the "PassiveTameRequiredLevelEqualsBaseLevel" config setting enabled.

- Players will now be notified in game when an attempt to passively feed tame a creature fails due to not being a high enough level.

- In addition to reducing the Stamina cost of Swimming/Flying while not sprinting, leveling up the Oxygen stat will also now reduce the stamina cost of carrying others for creatures with the capability to do so.

- Improved Scorpion and Titanboa Torpor infliction rates. They both now inflict 6x the damage dealt in Torpor, and the effect duration can stack up to 3 hits at a time, helping to ensure that they can knock out foes before killing them.

- Increased Sinomacrops Stamina usage when ascending or gliding while carrying a player.

- Increased the default corpse lifespan of wild dinos from 5 to 10 minutes.

- Players that are Bola'd or ensnared by an Araneo's web variant can now swing a sharp bladed weapon to help break theirself free from the binds more quickly.

- Adjusted some base stamina usage rates for players slightly.

- When using the "EnableItemCraftingRevamp" config setting, the default amount of experience earned from crafting has been doubled to help make crafting a more viable means of leveling up considering the higher than normal craft times of many items.

- Added the following new "Vocabulary.txt" terms:
* "Notification_WakingTame_ErrorNotHighEnoughLevel1"
* "Notification_WakingTame_ErrorNotHighEnoughLevel2"
- The "/StatMindwipe" chat command will now function properly with the "EnableMindwipePenalty" config setting, and will now only cause players to lose a level when used if the "EnableMindwipePenalty" setting is enabled.

- Fixed a scenario where certain mod setups could possibly prevent some tames from gaining experience.

- The death penalty notification text has been updated to address an unhandled case scenario.
*The "Vocabulary.txt" term: "Notification_DeathPenalty_PlayerLostLevel" has been modified, and the following term has also been added: "Notification_DeathPenalty_PlayerStatLowered".​
- Fixed a bug that was affecting some Boss and mission dino settings in unintended ways.

- Updated the "Vocabulary.txt" term "Notification_DeathPenalty_PlayerLostLevel" to include additional information about which stat the player lost a point in.
- Increased Amargasaurus base Health from 1400 to 1500, and increased the base damage of some of their melee attacks slightly.

- Increased the Direwolf Howl Buff's damage resistance from -25% to -33% incoming damage taken.

- Maewing Belly-Flop attack's base damage has been reduced from 50 to 40.

- Morellatops Body Slam attack's base damage has been increased from 55 to 65, and now costs 30 Stamina per activation.

- Phoenix now scales how fast it can smelt Metal Ingots and Cook Meats in its inventory based on its Melee Damage Stat.

- Unicorns now give their rider a Loot Boosting Buff similar to the Liopleurodon's, but doesn't reduce their Oxygen usage.

- Reworked the Tek Strider Excavation Rig attachment functionality. Its activation and upkeep Charge costs have been reduced closer to their default values, but will now use 25 Charge per node it harvests, preventing it from harvesting more if it runs out of Charge mid-fire.

- Added a new notification text when a player dies on a server which is using the Death Penalty System. Improved the Death Penalty System to take into account players who die while offline in some scenarios.

- A new Config Setting named "ItemCraftRepairTimeScale" has been added. This setting will scale the Time items take to Craft/Repair when using the "EnableItemCraftingRevamp" config setting.

- A new Config Setting named "PrimitiveStructurePassiveCraftSpeedMult" has been added. When using the "EnableItemCraftingRevamp" config setting, this new setting affects the base Crafting Speed of Primitive Crafting Station Structures when there are no players using them.

- A new Config Setting named "IndustrialStructurePassiveCraftSpeedMult" has been added. When using the "EnableItemCraftingRevamp" config setting, this new setting affects the base Crafting Speed of Industrial Crafting Station Structures when there are no players using them.

- A new Config Setting named "ItemQualityCraftTimeXPMult" has been added. This setting scales the plugin's changes to Craft/Repair Times and XP earned from items which are higher than default quality.

- Fixed a stray text instance that the "EnableUnicodeTextNotifications" Config setting was not previously applying to.

- Added the following "Vocabulary.txt" terms:
- Added a fail-safe check to help prevent the Sinomacrops and other similar passive tame creatures with high food drain rates from potentially starving while undergoing the taming process.

- The "EnableUnicodeTextNotifications" Config setting should now properly apply to custom "Vocabulary.txt" property values.

- Added the following "Vocabulary.txt" terms:
- Saddle Engrams have had their default level requirements to unlock adjusted to better reflect the plugin's balance changes to various creatures.

- The "EnableEngramStudying" Config setting's functionality has been reworked to better reflect its name, and will now simply toggle whether the 'Study' Folder Command can be used on Blueprints to unlock their corresponding Engram for the player. The 'Study' Folder Command no longer works with a creature's Dermis to unlock its saddle engrams.

- A new Config Setting named "EnableSaddleEngramPointCostChanges" has been added. This setting toggles whether unlocking Saddle Engrams will require a Dermis sample from the creature the saddle is for in the player's inventory- rather than costing Engram Points.

- A new Config Setting named "EnableUnicodeTextNotifications" has been added. This setting can enable utf-8 characters support for in-game text notifications from the plugin, which should only be needed if you are running a server with a language that requires them.

- A new Config Setting named "EnableWildDinoSpawnWeightChanges" has been added. Disabling this will prevent the plugin from modifying the default wild dino base level spawn weights.

- The "Vocabulary.txt" terms: "InfoNote_EngramStudying" and "ItemDescription_TaxidermyTool" have been modified to reflect the engram studying and other changes.

- Added a new "Vocabulary.txt" term: "Notification_FolderCommand_Study_ErrorUnlockSaddleDermisItemNotFound".

- Removed the "Vocabulary.txt" term: "Notification_FolderCommand_Study_ErrorAlreadyLearnedEngramDermis".
- Reduced Titanomyrma Soldier (Flying Ant) attack base damage from 11 to 8. Increased Titanomyrma Drone (Ground Ant) attack base damage from 7 to 10, and increased its base Health from 35 to 50 to match its Flying variant.

- Modified a few creatures base food stat amounts to prevent them from potentially starving while attempting to be tamed more quickly than intended at lower levels.

- Creatures that are tamed with Fish Basket traps will now properly follow the "MaxWildDinoTameLevel" Config Setting, and will no longer be tameable when above the specified level.

- Improved the Stamina System for wild creatures so that they recover stamina slower while moving, similar to tamed and ridden creatures.

- Adjusted the Player's base Food/Water depletion rates somewhat to help offset their higher than default Stamina usage rates.

- Improved a few notification texts in game.

- Added a few missing "Vocabulary.txt" terms: "KeyTerm_PhraseRepairingProgress", "KeyTerm_PhraseCraftTime", and "KeyTerm_PhraseRepairTime".

- Removed all newly added HLNA functionality from the plugin and Config files. A new separate plugin has been released which includes all of the extra HLNA features instead, and expands upon them even further. You can find the new plugin Here.