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Ark:SA-Server Pterodactyl Egg

Official Ark:SA-Server Pterodactyl Egg v1.05

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Ark:SA-Server Pterodactyl Egg


Pterodactyl is an open-source game server management panel built with PHP, React, and Go. It's designed to manage and control game server instances. You might want to install a custom egg on your Pterodactyl panel to add additional functionality or support for a specific game or software.

An "egg" in Pterodactyl is a JSON file that defines what should be installed on a server when creating a new instance. A custom egg is one that you or someone else has created, rather than the default ones included with Pterodactyl.

Installation of Pterodactyl Panel​

Before installing custom eggs, you need to have the Pterodactyl panel installed. Here are the general steps:

  1. Prepare Your Server: Make sure your server meets the requirements outlined in the Pterodactyl documentation.
  2. Install Dependencies: Install the necessary dependencies as described in the Pterodactyl documentation.
  3. Install the Panel: Follow the installation instructions in the Pterodactyl documentation.

Understanding Custom Eggs​

A custom egg is a JSON file that tells Pterodactyl how to install and manage a server. This can include everything from the software to install, to the commands to run when starting the server. Custom eggs allow you to run virtually any software that can run inside a Docker container.

Installing a Custom Egg​

Once you have your Pterodactyl panel set up, you can install a custom egg. Here's how:

  1. Download the Egg: Download the JSON file for the custom egg you want to install. This could be from a trusted source online, or one you've created yourself.
  2. Go to the Pterodactyl Panel: Log into your Pterodactyl panel and navigate to the "Nests" section.
  3. Import the Egg: Click on the "Import Egg" button and upload the JSON file you downloaded earlier.

Configuring a Custom Egg​

After installing a custom egg, you'll need to configure it to work with your specific server instance. This will vary depending on the egg, but generally involves setting environment variables, configuring startup commands, etc. Refer to the documentation or instructions provided with the custom egg for specific information.

Troubleshooting Tips​

If you run into issues while installing or configuring a custom egg, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your server meets the requirements for the software the egg is trying to install.
  • Check the logs for any error messages. These can often provide clues as to what's going wrong.
  • If the egg was downloaded from an online source, check if there are any known issues or updates available.
  • Try reaching out to the Pterodactyl community for help. There are many knowledgeable users who may have encountered similar issues.

Remember, installing and configuring custom eggs can be complex, especially if you're new to Pterodactyl or server management in general. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it! You can join here for help if needed https://discord.gg/5aM6j2yR2T
**This Ark:SA Egg based off of dagbs egg but with a more basic touch, credit to to dagbs for the foundation and work of this egg!**
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