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Ark Roulette

Unverified Ark Roulette 1.0

No permission to buy (€42.50)
When you upload resources onto our platform, they initially receive an "Unverified" tag. This tag simply means that the resource has not yet undergone our comprehensive verification process. It doesn't necessarily imply that the resource is unreliable or inaccurate; rather, it's a call to action for you, the user, to take the necessary steps towards verification.
Ark Roulette
No permission to buy (€42.50)
Ark Roulette is a web plugin to give your players a funny roulette game.

Compatible with all mods that have a blueprint and in any map
* Fully customizable with multiple probabilities, items and options
* Automatic rewards directly in the game
* Roulette records
* Login system for Steam and Epic Games players
* Compatible with the Permissions plugin of Foppa
* Console command to add points to users:
cheat roulette.add {steamid} 1
* And more

One license for unlimited servers in a same single physical server.

Requires a manual activation, in under 24/48h will be done.

Installation / Support / Buy:
Please, join to my discord server to see all documentation, get support or buy it.


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One of the most used bots in our server, players love this tool. Some spins!! ❤️‍🔥🔥
Recommended 100%
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