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ARK FUN BOT (Win/Mac/Linux/Node.js)

Program ARK FUN BOT (Win/Mac/Linux/Node.js) 2.6.3

+ Added authentication support for Pterodactyl and Docker containers.
+ Updated authentication system.
+ Updated discord framework.
+ Fixed multiple errors.
+ Added linux support.
+ Added mac support.
+ Improved authentication process security.
+ Updated authorizing steps on the first launch.
+ Added logging system.
+ Fixed trading points issues.
+ Fixed hangman game negative point results.
+ Added /trading command. with this command players can trade points with each other through discord.
+ Added /points add/remove/set/show commands to manage the player points.
+ Rewritten the whole bot in the newest discord framework.
+ Added all previous minigames.
+ Added hangman game.
- Removed kits & point utility commands. (out of the scope for this bot, its called ArkFun not ArkUtilities)
⚠️ Be aware when you update to this version you have to create a ticket to activate your bot again.

- Updated authorizing system.
- Enhanced Console logging information.
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