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Ark Ascended Server Manager

Verified Ark Ascended Server Manager v0.1.2

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What's Changed
* Add api auth system by @JensvandeWiel in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/91
* Add info modal by @JensvandeWiel in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/95
* Updating/adding contributing guide by @ItsMePepijn in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/100
* Update README.md by @ItsMePepijn in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/101
* 99: added button to remove profile before install server by @Ivan0348 in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/102
* Added ini configuration by @JensvandeWiel in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/103
* Add discord integration and Fixed INI bug by @JensvandeWiel in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/105
* fixed delete duplicate problem by @JensvandeWiel in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/108
* Bug multiple bugfixes by @JensvandeWiel in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/109
* Refactored almost all code by @JensvandeWiel in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/110
* Removed unecesariy code by @JensvandeWiel in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/111
* Add release link to readme by @August2211 in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/114
* Use wailsLogger in auto updater by @Jordan-dalby in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/120
* Add start with application option by @Jordan-dalby in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/118
* #121: Auto-Save by @Jordan-dalby in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/122
* #121: Fix auto-save by @Jordan-dalby in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/124
* Autosave dividing by zero by @JensvandeWiel in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/125
* Fix auto-save ticker by @Jordan-dalby in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/126
* Add (way) more settings in the frontend by @JensvandeWiel in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/127
* Accurately display stats in the server list by @Jordan-dalby in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/128
* Add command page, including DestroyWildDinos and SaveWorld by @Jordan-dalby in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/116
* Remove auto-save ticker by @Jordan-dalby in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/129

New Contributors
* @Jordan-dalby made their first contribution in https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/pull/120

Full Changelog: https://github.com/JensvandeWiel/ArkAscendedServerManager/compare/v0.0.6...v0.1.0
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