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Ark Ascended Server Manager

Verified Ark Ascended Server Manager v0.1.2

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Latest updates

  1. v0.1.2

    What's Changed * Added config file editor by @JensvandeWiel in...
  2. v0.1.0

    What's Changed * Add api auth system by @JensvandeWiel in...
  3. v0.0.6

    What's Changed 80: Added button to open modal to show server startup command by @Ivan0348 in...

Latest reviews

Very good start. Thanks a lot to the developer doing this. Feels good and looks good, I see a lot of room for functionality here. I installed it, setup a server and had it done in 10 minutes. So much better than SteamCMD or SteamGUI!

Hopefully he keeps working on this and asks for people to pay him for it to encourage updates. This would not offend me at all. Id pay 10-20$ if he could guarantee long term support.
excelente trabalho! voi migra meu servidor antigo para esse logo que eu fazer os testes nele .... logo depois vou postar as melhorias dele...
It is a new tool that works very well, although it is in a beta phase. But at the moment it's going sweet.

I hope they continue to make improvements and it gets better over time.

Thank you
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