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Ark Admin Portal

Unverified Ark Admin Portal 1.0

No permission to buy ($40.00)
When you upload resources onto our platform, they initially receive an "Unverified" tag. This tag simply means that the resource has not yet undergone our comprehensive verification process. It doesn't necessarily imply that the resource is unreliable or inaccurate; rather, it's a call to action for you, the user, to take the necessary steps towards verification.
Ark Admin Portal
No permission to buy ($40.00)
This application REQUIRES:

  • A Webserver with PHP and MySQL(MariaDB works too)
  • Player Activity by Foppa (Paid Plugin) **
  • Lethal Decay by Lethal (Paid Plugin)
  • Kals Cross Chat by Kalendell (Paid Plugin)
  • Ark Permissions
  • Ark Shop
Vote rewards only works for up to 3 servers on Ark-Servers.net
** It is recommended to install Player Activity in it's own database as it fights with Permissions over a table name.
(The Ark Admin Portal assumes that all your plugins use one database(player activity should be in its own database(schema). Ark shop can be separate or part of the cluster database))

What it can do​

Configure up to two different clusters.
See who is online.
Search for players or tribes.
Activity Research. (See who was on a certain map between the times you need to know)
Ability to manage a custom BanList (add through portal, remove by editing the BanFile.txt file(requires a server restart to remove a ban))
Different status levels to limit what people you setup can see/do.( See the documented configuration file "PortalConfiguration.php").
Able to see current and previous month votes for all users.

Detailed player information:
  1. Steam name
  2. Steam Id
  3. Daily vote status
  4. Player last login and decay time
  5. Current shop points (Server admin/Owner able to alter)
  6. Permission group(s)
  7. Shop kit amounts(Server Admin/Owner able to alter)
  8. Player activity
  9. Add notes to players(tied to SteamId). Useful for letting other admins know if there has been issues with the player or other info that needs to be noted.
Allow certain admins to see/access links for the ARK Savegame Visualiser (information and download). Configurable. (Also links to map packs you have made for your admins to download(Beyond the scope of this application)).
Add users to the portal and set access levels. (Server Admin/Owner only)
Change user passwords and status level. (Server Admin/Owner only) (Can not remove users, set to no access if needed(to maintain what admin added notes to players))
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Latest reviews

If you want to have an easy view of your player's info, I would recommend this tool because with 2 clicks you can check all the data, add points, search... Everything in your hands.
Thanks to Wizeone for the help to make my config works. ❤️‍🔥🔥
Thanks for the review. Happy you like what it has to offer you to assist with day to day operations.
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