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Anti Structure Mesh [Ends with meshing!]

Plugin Anti Structure Mesh [Ends with meshing!] 1.11

  • Greatly improved accuracy of mesh algorithm

  • - Added new "Stacking Prevention". This will prevent placing a structure if another one is found within the range defined in config. Can help to prevent stacking tek teleporter / other teleporters (this would cause players being launched into the mesh when teleporting to these). Config changes listed in config.json and config_help.json
  • Added new Config option for linked structures: "LimitIncludesAllInList": true. This will force the linked structures calculation to include all linked structures that are within the "StructuresToLimit" list. (Just applies for items within the list)
  • Improved "StructuresToLimit": [] config options. It now allows partial names, like "Teleporter", as well as full BP paths.
  • Removed Prevent_Turret_Placement_On_Ground, instead it has been changed by "PreventPlacingOnGroundList": []. This new list will allow to define structures that will need a foundation in order to be placed. Allows partial names, like "Teleporter", as well as full BP paths.

    Config changes required, please read trough changes!
    Attached config_help.json with updates
  • Changed mod comm handling to fix the current crashes
  • Added new command in config: "CountStructuresCommand": "/countStructures", It will allow players to know how many structures are connected to the structure they are looking at
Released a new (optional) companion mod for Vanilla Collision (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2742479076).

This companion mod will help the vanilla collision issues, by showing red placement on structures with collision enabled if they are unable to be placed, so players don't struggle as much to place them (i.e. teleporters)

No config changes needed, plugin will do everything if mod is loaded. (editado)
  • Added `"Mesh_Ignore_Zones"`. It allows you to define regions where mesh check will not be performed.
  • Fixed `"Only_Check_Foundations"`. It will check foundations only now.
  • Added `"LimitOnlyFoundations"` to Linked structures config. This setting will only enforce link limits on foundations
  • Improved accuracy of the mesh algorithm
  • Improved performance of the mesh detection algorithm, also cleaned up the code and made it more efficient.
  • Added new config for linked structures: "CalculateLimitOfSameClassStructures": false, // If true it will only check for linked structures of the same type
  • Fixed only core structures config values, they should be taken in account correctly now.
  • Potential fix for auth code, some users would get hang at load.
- New auth server, check discord for migration guide.

- Fixed a potential lag issue
- Fixed some algorithm bugs

- Fixed lag when placing a lot of structures

- Fixed issues with placing structures on platform dinos

- Fixed issues with webhook formatting (non compact mode)

- Fixed webhook coords not being correct

- Fixed several bugs with detection algorithm. It should now be as accurate as it was before the beta.
- Fixed a critical crash
- Fixed webhook formatting.

- Optimized overall plugin performance by improving several areas of it.

- Redesigned detection algorithm, this should be more accurate and more performance friendly.

This new algorithm is under beta test, so it might have some wrong detections. Please get back to me with said false detections.

- Optimized how config lists (Ignore, CheckOnly, etc.) check for suitable structures. This lists also accept PrimalItemStructure path and full structure paths.

- Removed Vanilla Collision Compatibility mode as I have been able to make some improvements so it is no longer needed.

- Added new feature: Linked Structures Number limit. This will allow to limit how many structures are connected in the same "chunk" of structures.
For example: Set so only 50 foundations can be snapped together maximum (A lot of connected structures connected can cause major lags or spikes).

- Updated config_help.json for the new feature information.

Config additions for this new feature:

"LinkedStructures": { // Module to limit number of snapped structures at the same time.
    "EnableLinkedLimit": false, // Enable/Disable snapped structures limit
    "MaxLinkedStructures": 500, // Max number of structures connected (for example, to limit how many foundations, ceilings, walls can be snapped in the same "chunk")
    "LimitOnlyCoreStructures": true, // If true only foundations and fence foundations will have their structure count limited
    "StructuresToLimit": [ // If the above is true, this will not be checked. Otherwise if the above is false and this is empty, all structures will be limited, else only PrimalItemStructure BP paths listed in this list will be checked against snap limit

    "LimitReachedMessage": {
      "Message": "You have reached the max linked (snapped) structures. You may link up to {0} structures", // Message to send when the snap limit is reached. Notification type
      "DisplayTime": 10,
      "DisplayScale": 1.5,
      "DisplayColor": [ 255, 0, 0 ]
Needed reupload for standarization.
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