Anti Structure Mesh [Ends with meshing!]

Plugin Anti Structure Mesh [Ends with meshing!] 1.11

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End with people meshing foundations and any kind of structures once and forever!

This plugin will prevent structures from being meshed!


-Asynchronous mesh detection: server won't lag at all when multiple checks are running at the same time due to the use of multi threading.

-Detection algorithm: Plugin uses my custom-built algorithm with almost 95% accuracy when it comes to mesh detection of structures.

-Push a webhook when the anti mesh is triggered, like this one:


There is also a webhook compact mode:

View attachment 3440

-Webhook name defaults to the map name, or server name if specified in config option

-Can enable setting to prevent turret ground placement (so they must be placed on any structure) with configurable message.

-Reload config with asm.reload (Console and RCON)

The plugin is being actively used in many clusters, which they are very satisfied with.

  "AntiStructureMesh": {
    "Enabled": true, //Enable the whole Anti Mesh System
    "Enable_Structure_Refund": true, // If false structure won't go back to player inventory
    "MessageSender": "TestServer", // Chat message sender name
    "TriggeredMsg": "Your {} triggered the anti mesh and it was destroyed. Another structure has been added to your inventory",
    "IgnoreStructures": [ // Ignore structures array, It takes words, like "Floor", "Wall", "Ceiling"...

    "Only_Check_Certain_Structures_In_Array": false, // If true it will only check structures in DetectedStructures array (below)
    "DetectedStructures": [ // DetectedStructures array takes words, full structure names ("Metal Floor") and blueprint paths (PrimalItemStructure paths or Structure Paths)


    "Only_Check_Foundations": false, // If true only foundations and fence foundations will be checked for being undermesh.
    "ExtraStructures_MeshCheck": [ // Extra structures to check if Only_Check_Foundations is true. Takes words, full structure names ("Metal Floor") and blueprint paths (PrimalItemStructure paths or Structure Paths)

    "Apply_Vanilla_Collision": true, // If true Vanilla collision will be enabled for structures in the Structures_Collision Array
    "Colliding_Structures_Refund": true, // THIS ONLY MATTERS IF COMPATIBILITY MODE HAS BEEN ENABLED (It will be said in console log). If false will not give back obstructed structure (Recommended: true)
    "Structures_Collision": [ // Extra structures to enable Vanilla Collision on. Takes words, full structure names ("Metal Floor") and blueprint paths (PrimalItemStructure paths or Structure Paths)

    "Collision_Message": "Your {} was obstructed when placing." // Message to send when structure is obstructed

"LinkedStructures": { // Module to limit number of snapped structures at the same time.
    "EnableLinkedLimit": false, // Enable/Disable snapped structures limit
    "MaxLinkedStructures": 500, // Max number of structures connected (for example, to limit how many foundations, ceilings, walls can be snapped in the same "chunk")
    "LimitOnlyCoreStructures": true, // If true only foundations and fence foundations will have their structure count limited
    "StructuresToLimit": [ // If the above is true, this will not be checked. Otherwise if the above is false and this is empty, all structures will be limited, else only PrimalItemStructure BP paths listed in this list will be checked against snap limit

    "LimitReachedMessage": {
      "Message": "You have reached the max linked (snapped) structures. You may link up to {0} structures", // Message to send when the snap limit is reached. Notification type
      "DisplayTime": 10,
      "DisplayScale": 1.5,
      "DisplayColor": [ 255, 0, 0 ]
  "WebhookURL": "",
  "ShowTribeInWebhook": true, // If true, when mesh webhook is triggered it will contain tribe name
  "Webhook_CompactMode": false, // If true, webhook will send a single line report, instead of a big embed. Useful for crowded servers.
  "WebhookNameIsServerName": false, // If true Map name will be replaced by server name
  "Prevent_Turret_Placement_On_Ground": false, // If true turrets will be prevented to be placed on the ground directly
  "Need_Floor_Message": "Can't be placed on the ground" // Message to send when turret needs foundation to place

Prior purchasing you need to have joined our discord server (, once you have bought the plugin via our store ( your plugin roles will be granted and you will gain access to the plugin's download.
After download, install in your server and write in the config the account key that you have received via email and by discord direct message from our bot. The plugin will auto register your license once you start a server with the plugin installed!
We will offer support for any matter related to the plugin in our support discord server.

One license is limited to one physical server, meaning that multiple ark servers running on the same machine would only need 1 license.
If for some reason your HWID changes at any time, you can use our Auth Bot to manage all your licenses

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  2. 1.91

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  3. 1.9

    Released a new (optional) companion mod for Vanilla Collision...
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