Anti Pve Griefing

Free Anti Pve Griefing 1.2

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  • Added new Safe Zones integration: in a Safe Zone PvP zone (for PvE servers), restrictions will be ignored.
  • Fixed an issue with corpse harvesting
  • If you have safe zones plugin installed, it requires SafeZone 3.5
Fixed ignore admins for offline damage protection. Not really a "fix", but a workaround. Damages higher than 1 million will be killed regardless.
  • Updated for API v3.51
  • Fixed admin ignore on inventory access section
  • Added new config ("UnlockedContainersToIgnore"). Config help has new info
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Fixed a crash
  • Fixed lag when opening inventories

Config change is needed!
"UnlockedContainersToIgnore" -> "UnlockedContainersToAllow"
- Prevented players from losing oxygen when offline AND Prevent any damage when offline is enabled in config.
PD: If players disconnect in the water, they won't lose oxygen but also won't regain it.

- Added new config option:
  "PatchCloningEnemyDinos": true // If true, cloning chamber won't allow cloning dinos of another tribe, unless it's from the player's tribe.
Added 2 new options:

"PreventionOptions": {
    "PlayerDamage": {
      "PreventAnyDamageToOfflinePlayers": true, // If true offline players won't be damaged by anything
      "GraceSecondsOfInvincibilityAfterLogin": 30 // Seconds after a player logins in which he will be invincible. -1 disables this feature.
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