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A Comprehensive Guide to Using mcrcon for Managing "Path of Titans" Game Servers

mcrcon is a robust, console-based remote control (RCON) client explicitly designed for Minecraft servers. However, its functionality also extends to other game servers, including the popular dinosaur survival video game, "Path of Titans". This tool offers IPv6 support, terminal mode, and the ability to send multiple commands in one command line. It's designed to be part of the toolchain for server maintenance scripts and even has a workaround for a known server-side bug source.


Setting Up mcrcon

Before using mcrcon, download it from the official GitHub page here. Once downloaded, install the software and ensure your "Path of Titans" server is RCON-enabled.

You can enable RCON by going into PathOfTitans/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/Game.ini and then edit the section with the heading called [SourceRCON] at this point you just need to set bEnabled=true and also setup a password Password=123456

We suggest you create a random password (Click Me To Learn More) using a password generator to keep it safe and secure from hackers.


Connecting mcrcon to Your "Path of Titans" Server

To connect mcrcon to your "Path of Titans" server, you will need your server's IP address and RCON password. You should have received these details when you purchased your server hosting.


Open mcrcon and enter the following command, replacing the placeholders with your actual details:


./mcrcon -H server-ip -P rcon-port -p rcon-password

When you purchase a game server directly from GameServersHub you'll find we automatically allocate and open RCON ports on your admin dashboard. You can locate the RCON port by clicking on the Network Tab inside your admin dashboard.

Managing Your Server with mcrcon

Once connected, you can use mcrcon to manage your "Path of Titans" server. Here are some basic commands to help you get started:


  • To list all players, use: list
  • To change the game mode, use: game mode <mode> <player>
  • To kick a player, use: kick <player>

Remember to replace <mode> and <player> with the desired game mode and player name, respectively.


Troubleshooting Common Errors

If you encounter any difficulties while using mcrcon, here are some solutions to common problems:


  • Can't connect to server: Double-check your server's IP address and RCON password. Ensure that your server is online and RCON is enabled.
  • Command not found or doesn't work: Not all commands will work on all servers. Check the "Path of Titans" documentation for a list of supported commands.

In conclusion, mcrcon is a powerful tool for managing your "Path of Titans" server. With its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set, you can efficiently administer your server and ensure an optimal gaming experience for your players.


List of Standalone Commands:


The commands below are Standalone Commands. All commands not mentioned here are standard commands. For detailed command explanations, refer to Admin Commands.


  • HealAll
  • ProfileServer [Start/Stop]
  • WaterQuality [Tag] [Quality]
  • WaystoneCooldown [Tag] [Cooldown]
  • Restart <Seconds>
  • CancelRestart
  • TimeOfDay [Time]
  • Day
  • Night
  • Morning
  • ClearBodies
  • Weather [Type]
  • Save
  • Load
  • Ban [Username] <Reason>
  • Unban [Username]
  • Kick [Username] <Reason>
  • Announce [Announcement]
  • TeleportAll [XYZ]


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