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Palworld Server Settings: How to set up the Palworld configuration file.


Locating the Configuration File

Before starting with the configuration process of your Palworld server, you need to locate a crucial file that stores all the default server settings. This file plays a significant role in governing several aspects of your server. To locate this file successfully, you can follow a few simple steps.

1. To ensure that the `PalWorldSettings.ini` file is generated, running the `PalServer.exe` at least once is essential. Without running the `PalServer.exe`, the `PalWorldSettings.ini` file will not be created.

2. To access the secure repository where the configuration files for your Palworld server are stored, you'll need to navigate to the designated directory path, which differs depending on your operating system. For Linux users, head to "Saved/Config/LinuxServer/PalWorldSettings.ini", while Windows users should go to "Saved/Config/WindowsServer/PalWorldSettings.ini". This repository is where you can manage and modify various settings that affect your Palworld server experience, so it's an important location to be familiar with.



Understanding the Configuration File

Before you're in the editing process, please take a moment to get a chance to understand the intricate structure of the configuration file. Each setting manifests as a harmonious key-value pair within this digital blueprint, elegantly enclosed in square brackets. To illustrate, consider the following enlightening example:


The assigned values to these keys wield power to intricately shape crucial server parameters, encompassing the nuances of difficulty levels, day and night speed rates, experience rates, and various other pivotal elements.



How to Edit Palworld Server Settings:

With the configuration file successfully identified and comprehended, it's time to begin editing your Palworld server settings. Explore essential customization options as we delve into key parameters that allow you to tailor your server experience to perfection:

Difficulty: You can modify the level of challenge for the game by adjusting the overall difficulty settings.
ServerPassword: To enhance the security of the server, it is recommended that you set a secure password. Please let me know the password you want to set, and I will assist you throughout the process. If you need any guidance on creating a strong password, I can provide you with some tips and suggestions.
DayTimeSpeedRate: This feature allows you to adjust the speed of the daytime cycle within the game.
NightTimeSpeedRate: This option allows you to adjust the speed at which the game runs during nighttime. Modifying this setting allows you to customize your gaming experience to suit your preferences better.
ExpRate: This feature enables you to modify the rate at which players and creatures accumulate experience points, allowing you to fine-tune the pace of character progression and gameplay balance.
PalSpawnNumRate: With this feature, you can control and modify the frequency of Pal creatures appearing in your game.
PlayerDamageRateAttack: This particular functionality aids in calculating the precise amount of damage that can be inflicted on other players and animals within the game.
PlayerDamageRateDefenseThis attribute calculates how much a player or animal can resist or withstand attacks or damage from external sources. It is an essential aspect of gameplay that allows players to survive in hostile environments and engage in combat with other players or creatures.
DropItemMaxNum: This setting allows you to specify the highest possible amount of items that can be dropped within the game.

When it comes to the Palworld server, there are various settings that you can explore and customize to make your gameplay experience more enjoyable. Customization options include everything from adjusting the difficulty level to changing the weather and time of day. You can also fine-tune the rules of the game, like whether or not PvP combat is allowed or how frequently resources spawn. Experimenting with these settings to find what works best for you and your playing style is essential. Whether you prefer a more relaxed gaming experience or a challenging one, don't hesitate to make the adjustments to create a Palworld server that you'll love.


Saving Changes and Restarting the Server

After you have made the required modifications to your Palworld server, it's very important to restart it to make sure the changes take effect. It's important to note that players may need to disconnect and reconnect to the server to experience the updated settings. This is because the server may not automatically apply the changes to the already connected players. Therefore, it's recommended that you let your players know beforehand about the server restart and advise them to reconnect after the restart to avoid any confusion or gameplay issues.


List of all Settings

Parameter Description
Difficulty Adjusts the overall difficulty of the game.
DayTimeSpeedRate Modifies the speed of in-game time during the day.
NightTimeSpeedRate Modifies the speed of in-game time during the night.
ExpRate Changes the experience gain rate for both players and creatures.
PalCaptureRate Adjusts the rate at which Pal creatures can be captured.
PalSpawnNumRate Adjusts the rate at which Pal creatures spawn.
PalDamageRateAttack Fine-tunes Pal creature damage dealt.
PalDamageRateDefense Fine-tunes Pal creature damage received.
PlayerDamageRateAttack Fine-tunes player damage dealt.
PlayerDamageRateDefense Fine-tunes player damage received.
PlayerStomachDecreaseRate Adjusts the rate at which the player's stomach decreases.
PlayerStaminaDecreaseRate Adjusts the rate at which the player's stamina decreases.
PlayerAutoHPRegeneRate Adjusts the rate of automatic player health regeneration.
PlayerAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep Adjusts the rate of automatic player health regeneration during sleep.
PalStomachDecreaseRate Adjusts the rate at which Pal creature stomach decreases.
PalStaminaDecreaseRate Adjusts the rate at which Pal creature stamina decreases.
PalAutoHPRegeneRate Adjusts the rate of automatic Pal creature health regeneration.
PalAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep Adjusts the rate of automatic Pal creature health regeneration during sleep.
BuildObjectDamageRate Adjusts the rate at which built objects take damage.
BuildObjectDeteriorationDamageRate Adjusts the rate at which built objects deteriorate.
CollectionDropRate Adjusts the drop rate of collected items.
CollectionObjectHpRate Adjusts the health of collected objects.
CollectionObjectRespawnSpeedRate Adjusts the respawn speed of collected objects.
EnemyDropItemRate Adjusts the drop rate of items from defeated enemies.
DeathPenalty Defines the penalty upon player death (e.g., All, None).
bEnablePlayerToPlayerDamage Enables or disables player-to-player damage.
bEnableFriendlyFire Enables or disables friendly fire.
bEnableInvaderEnemy Enables or disables invader enemies.
bActiveUNKO Activates or deactivates UNKO (Unidentified Nocturnal Knock-off).
bEnableAimAssistPad Enables or disables aim assist for controllers.
bEnableAimAssistKeyboard Enables or disables aim assist for keyboards.
DropItemMaxNum Sets the maximum number of dropped items in the game.
DropItemMaxNum_UNKO Sets the maximum number of dropped UNKO items in the game.
BaseCampMaxNum Sets the maximum number of base camps that can be built.
BaseCampWorkerMaxNum Sets the maximum number of workers in a base camp.
DropItemAliveMaxHours Sets the maximum time items remain alive after being dropped.
bAutoResetGuildNoOnlinePlayers Automatically resets guilds with no online players.
AutoResetGuildTimeNoOnlinePlayers Sets the time after which guilds with no online players are automatically reset.
GuildPlayerMaxNum Sets the maximum number of players in a guild.
PalEggDefaultHatchingTime Sets the default hatching time for Pal eggs.
WorkSpeedRate Adjusts the overall work speed in the game.
bIsMultiplay Enables or disables multiplayer mode.
bIsPvP Enables or disables player versus player (PvP) mode.
bCanPickupOtherGuildDeathPenaltyDrop Enables or disables the pickup of death penalty drops from other guilds.
bEnableNonLoginPenalty Enables or disables non-login penalties.
bEnableFastTravel Enables or disables fast travel.
bIsStartLocationSelectByMap Enables or disables the selection of starting locations on the map.
bExistPlayerAfterLogout Enables or disables the existence of players after logout.
bEnableDefenseOtherGuildPlayer Enables or disables the defense of other guild players.
CoopPlayerMaxNum Sets the maximum number of cooperative players in a session.
ServerPlayerMaxNum Sets the maximum number of players allowed on the server.
ServerName Sets the name of the Palworld server.
ServerDescription Provides a description for the Palworld server.
AdminPassword Sets the password for server administration.
ServerPassword Sets the password for joining the Palworld server.
PublicPort Sets the public port for the Palworld server.
PublicIP Sets the public IP address for the Palworld server.
RCONEnabled Enables or disables Remote Console (RCON) for server administration.
RCONPort Sets the port for Remote Console (RCON) communication.
Region Sets the region for the Palworld server.
bUseAuth Enables or disables server authentication.
BanListURL Sets the URL for the server's ban list.


Additional Tips

Backup Your Configuration File: It is highly recommended to back up your PalWorldSettings.ini file before making significant changes. This file contains crucial configuration settings that determine how PalWorld operates. If something goes wrong, you can quickly restore the original settings by creating a backup. This will save you much time and effort you would otherwise spend on troubleshooting. So, before you tweak the settings, you need to back up the PalWorldSettings.ini file.
Please check for Updates: You should perform regular checks for any updates to the game or server software you use. These updates may contain new settings or adjustments that enhance your gaming experience. Keeping your software up-to-date can help avoid potential issues and ensure smooth gameplay.


If you're a Palworld player, you might want to take control of your server settings to customize your gaming experience. Following a few steps, you can tailor your Palworld adventure to your liking and create a unique gameplay experience for yourself and your fellow players. You can start by experimenting with different configurations and finding the settings that resonate with your preferences. You can adjust factors such as the difficulty level, resource availability, and environmental conditions to create a gameplay environment that challenges and excites you. With the ability to control your Palworld server settings, you can unleash your creativity and design a gaming experience that's uniquely yours. So why don't you try it and see what Palworld adventure you can create?


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